Top Trending Videos Of The Week (31 October - 6 November)

Top Trending Videos Of The Week

Top Trending Videos Of The Week


A number of trending videos have appeared, capturing people 's interest

A number of trending videos have appeared, capturing people 's interest and maintaining them entertained during the week.

A trending video of witnessing a chef serving pigeons despite using a rubbish bag has gone viral in a short amount of time.

The Turkish chef who created a reputation for himself by chopping meat with incredible precision and utilising a different approach of salting dishes. The Salt Bae, also referred as Nusret Gokce, is mounting a comeback. Considering the controversy around his new restaurant in the United Kingdom despite its high costs. The internet looks to be in a state of confusion. Netizens reacted in a similar manner. He uploaded the video on Instagram, where it has over 2 million views.

Watch The Trending Video Of Turkish Chef Wearing Garbage Bag While Feeding Pigeons

Another trending video that emerged during the week was very cute and adorable. In a short period of time. It was shared on TinTin Ka Bacha's Instagram page and depicted the child doing food shopping. The cuteness has absolutely enamoured netizens, who can't get enough of it. The importance of making lists is conveyed in this popular video. Kabir, a small child, is shown in the video grasping a list of vegetables. Every name on his list was questioned by his mother. Can you tell her what's written on the piece of paper.

Watch The Trending Video Of A Desi Kid Who Goes To The Store To Buy Vegetables

While concluding the week, another trending video, during an interview, a trending video of a Pakistani journalist who couldn't stop laughing when her guest specifically compared bananas between Mumbai and Sindh goes viral. The interviewee, Khawaja Naveed Ahmed, started focusing on the size of bananas despite addressing the country's developmental challenges. With over 5 lakh views, the trending video became immensely viral after Naila Inayat uploaded it on Twitter.

Watch The Trending Video Of A Speaker On A Live Conversation Discussing About Mumbai And Sindh Bananas

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