The counting of votes in the recently held MAA elections began today. Veteran actor Rajendra Prasad beat actress Jayasudha to clinch MAA's top post.  Rajendra Prasad won the MAA elections by 53 votes.

He was ahead of rival actress Jayasudha by 87 votes after the fifth round of counting. 

After a time period of two years, Rajendra Prasad and Jayasudha contested the presidential elections of MAA chamber. Despite heated arguments and counter arguments, the MAA elections were conducted smoothly and peacefully, where 394 out of 702 voted. The final results were announced a few seconds back.

Earlier, the court had directed the MAA authorities to not announce the results till the case was heard and dismissed by the court.

The rival panels headed by Jayasudha and Rajendra Prasad have engaged themselves in a no holds barred campaign of slur and dust.

The elections attained significance this time around as both the senior actors indulged in a war of words.