Students of the Vijayawada Municipal Corporation High Schools have fared well in the SSC examinations this year by recording a pass percentage of 89. As many as 1,936 students from 28 VMC schools appeared for the exams. Of them, 1,728 (89 per cent) came out with flying colors. 

Out of the total 1,256 Telugu medium students, 1,096 passed (87 per cent) the exams. Students of English medium achieved a success rate of 93 per cent. About 580 students out of the total 625 cleared the exams. Urdu medium students achieved nearly cent per cent results as 52 out of the total 53 succeeded. 


Municipal Commissioner G Veerapandian congratulated the VMC school principals for achieving good results in the SSC exams. He attributed the achievement to the collective efforts of VMC school teachers, students and their parents.