Mechanical engineer’s OS for 12 mobile models
Mechanical engineer’s OS for 12 mobile models

Tirupati: The deep interest in Aero dynamics made a 24 year old mechanical engineer from Tirupati to make flying objects like aeroplanes, helicopters and even drones. His quest for knowledge on aeroplanes or helicopters and how they fly make him to learn many things with deep observation. K Venkata Kamesh studied his BTech in mechanical engineering from Annamacharya Institute of Technology and Sciences (AITS) where he received motivation to go further in his area of interest.

“Whenever I shared my thoughts with my friends in the beginning days, they used to heckle me. While studying BTech I used to go to Chennai in the weekends to learn various aspects of aero dynamics from a friend’s relative. It fetched me a lot”, Kamesh told The Hans India. 

After securing all the required objects he made a miniature aeroplane and was able to fly it. With this he got interest in Robotics and through ‘mechotronix’ (A combination of electronics and mechanical engineering) he went deep into the subject. 

Subsequently, he even posted tutorials online. Kamesh has worked in ethical hacking on Android platform which was recognised by Sony company and gifted him a mobile. He did not stop with that and went on developing operational software (OS) for mobile phones with the names ‘Kryptonian’ and ‘Rock Z1’ being used by Sony company. His OS was being used in 12 models of mobiles made by Sony (7), LG (4) and Samsung (1). 

He made one Robo through artificial intelligence and gave it to AITS which they kept in their library for display. “I worked on Drone open source where I have added ‘N’ number of options to make it more stable with altitude hold and GPS systems to that where the source is also available at ‘Github’ of Venkat Kamesh account”, he explained. 

During this summer, he has been training young children in making aeroplanes and helicopters which they are learning with a lot of interest. He expressed his desire to make 20 products in future and release them in market of which the majority will be educational kits.