Drunk TDP leader thrashes vendor woman
Drunk TDP leader thrashes vendor woman

Ramagiri (Anantapur) : In a shocking and vulgar display of power, a TDP minion bashed up a woman vendor, who asked for money for the goods that she sold to him. He abused her verbally and thrashed her. 

He dragged her on the road even as the police watched helplessly. When some cops tried to intervene, he abused them also. What more, the incident occurred in Peruru, where CM Chandrababu Naidu was addressing a public meeting on Wednesday.

Anantapur Katni  Canal MPTC member Narayana Swami came with his supporters to the meeting at Peruru. A fully drunk Swamy purchased some ministerial water bottles and other things from one Nagaratnamma. When she asked him to pay for the purchases, he flew into a rage and abused her. Not content with that, he even dragged her on to the road and attacked her. No case has been registered.

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