‘Spirituality helps achieve goals in life’

‘Spirituality helps achieve goals in life’

Pithapuram: “We can achieve our lifetime goals by practicing Jnana, Dhyana and Mantra through spiritual sadhana,” said Dr Umar Alisha, the ninth seer of Viswa Vijnana Aadhyatmika Peetham of Pithapuram in East Godavari.

On the occasion of 119th annual spiritual meeting, RP Patnayak , film music director attended as chief guest and expressed his views on social life of people who   give importance to creed, religion and caste. 

“Self-oriented goals are the reason for violence activities in present society,” he observed.

The Peetham member SLK Prasad Rao, P Suribabu, K Satish Sharma, Uma maheswari, M Satyanarayana gave spiritual lectures.

Municipal chairperson Karana Chinna Rao, Adarsha Engineering College chairman B Anubabu, GUDA director G Satyanarayana, SCS Group chairman Narayana Murali, Indian International Shipping chairman P Tirupathi Rao and a large number of devotees from various parts of the country and abroad attended.

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