Women Entrepreneurs #PressForProgress this International Women's Day

Women Entrepreneurs #PressForProgress this International Womens Day

On the occasion of International Women\'s Day on March 8, ladies who personify \'women power\' spoke about the need to #PressForProgress at the INKHer initiative launch by JobsForHer and INK.

New Delhi : On the occasion of International Women's Day on March 8, ladies who personify 'women power' spoke about the need to #PressForProgress at the INKHer initiative launch by JobsForHer and INK.

They stressed the need for the sisterhood to stick together and inspire each other.

JobsForHer, an online platform accelerating female participation in the workforce for women re-starting their careers, launched a not-for-profit foundation with the sole objective of bridging the gender gap within Corporate India.

Under the INKHer banner, the JobsForHer Foundation commemorated International Women's Day, and their third anniversary, with women in prominent positions sending out a strong message on their need to #PressForProgress.

Being a firm believer in choosing the right battles, founder and CEO, INK, Lakshmi Pratury asserted that every woman goes through four stages in her life.

"The first stage is where a woman is eager, anxious and full of energy just trying to figure everything out and finding her place in the environment around her.

The second stage is when the woman knows when to say what, and the transition to know which battles to fight and which to let go.

Here, she carves a niche for her within the society.

The third is that of being benevolent and sharing the knowledge you have gained to lead the younger ones and to help them take it further.

The fourth and the last, is that of retirement.

As for this year's theme #PressForProgress, let the women think about what they want, to start with in order to progress and take care of themselves - their needs, their wants, their ambitions," said Lakshmi Pratury.

Founder and CEO, JobsForHer, Neha Bagaria, shared the importance of having a family that does not implicitly discriminate against women.

"Such expectations is what hinders women's entry into the corporate field which therefore witnesses only a 27 percent female participation in the workforce from the 40 percent women who graduate every year," she said.

Keeping the #PressForProgress theme in mind, Bagaria intends to inspire women to become role models for each other.

"We need increasing participation from women in the Indian workforce, and it's time we press for it," she added.

Being a renowned self-made woman billionaire, founder and CMD, Biocon, Kiran Mazumdar Shaw, conveyed the strong message that women must embrace their failures.

"Success is about managing failures. Gender inclusion is pressing for progress and without that we cannot progress.

Giving women equal opportunities, recognition and respect is what we must press for," Mazumdar Shaw said.

Founder, Nirvana Films, Sneha Ipye, has always been keen on the aspect of "choosing one's own ways" as she was quite the impulsive, compassionate and creative child.

Sneha believes that learning should never stop, and no one needs to "allow" anybody to dictate terms to women for her journey has taken her down a path of true learning.

Film making is physically, mentally and emotionally challenging and hence she made it with the conviction of "it's not about who is going to let me, it's about who is going to stop me," she quipped.

"The time has come now to champion the cause of our sisterhood. Representation and inclusion must be pushed forward," she said.

MD, Kalaari Capital, Vani Kola, said, "Women being themselves, fulfilling their dreams and not being afraid of saying this is what I want".

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