KeyVendors: A platform which helps to grow

KeyVendors: A platform which helps to grow

Mr Parvinder Baweja, founder KeyVenders is a simple and jolly person with having a normal education qualification His love for chess comes as an innovation KeyVendors has a logo in which one side is queen and another side is a horse These two significant players of chess represent the power, activeness and consistent efforts moreover, together these players represent the K alphabet of KeyVe

The company makes it easy to find local vendor who specialize in exactly the type of work you need done.

Mr. Parvinder Baweja, founder KeyVenders is a simple and jolly person with having a normal education qualification. His love for chess comes as an innovation. KeyVendors has a logo in which one side is queen and another side is a horse. These two significant players of chess represent the power, activeness and consistent efforts; moreover, together these players represent the “K’ alphabet of KeyVendors.

Tell us everything about your startup, what does it do? What were the challenges of setting up and scale? How did you overcome them?

Well the idea of giving a vast platform for interior designers and home services has always been in my mind before its inception. KeyVendors India Pvt Ltd is all about delivering 9 category of home services including interior designing, plumbing, electrician, painter, Architect, waterproofing and AC Repair & servicing etc. Moreover we are offering a B2C Platform for Local vendors where they can list their business and deliver other comprehensive home services. We tend to give business queries and leads to the local vendors and help them establishes their business. It has become precise doorway for authenticated vendors of home services that are wandering for new and permanent clients.

Challenges comes in the way of setting up keyVendors as a vibrant B2C platform and quality work standards

The biggest challenge was the shortage of funds which is needed in our business. Moreover we didn’t have the right team at the initial stage. But as the time goes we have managed to come over of this unfavorable obstacle in business. For that we have equipped right team members who are professionals and highly efficient in their work. “We wanted to establish our business as a trustworthy forum for local vendors and for that we take the help of Internet, follow our competitors in the market. Read as much as successful business models, work day and night, without taking any leap. Our efforts are now paying us well and we are getting lot of query for vendors and recognition from the industry”.

How did you come up with the idea and what was the Eureka moment?

We have been working in the interior and construction business for 15 years. I individually operated all the marketing and operation activities of my business. During this span of period, I found that interior and construction business runs approximately 7-8 month in a year and the rest 3-4 month were like zero business or sitting idle. To eradicate this issue, I decided to make a platform where our company and other local vendors also get business in these zero business months. That is what the idea of KeyVendors sprouted in the mind and now we are proudly giving the maximum business queries to the home service users locally.

The Eureka moment was when our business transformed into the digital platform where we get immense appreciation and inquiries. The gradually team building with hardcore professionals and skilled people is also a wow moment in our business.

Future plans

We have a strong plan to build a massive team catering every region of India. We are eying on spreading our business on other cities of India. We are focusing on the betterment of the quality and service that we provide to our customers. We aim to give solutions to minimum 5000+ customer at a day in the upcoming future. Our business model is to earn and after that burn to make things more effective and convenient for users.

What has been Revenue, traction and growth from the date of inception till now?

In the starting year we have managed to cross the turnover 30 lakhs per annum. It sounds very weird, I guess because the amount is not very high but as we earlier said that we are self-made company and arrange funds ourselves so we are earning money and investing large portion of profit for the development of company brand. Our organization is customer-centric organization that believes quality home service with highest moral ethics. Company turnover is increasing every year with the rate of 25% initially and we have planned to make 50 to 100% in upcoming 5 years.

What is the one thing that sets you apart from your competitors and what's your revenue model?

Today, as we all know that every business is getting digital because of time demands. We are also one of them, but the one thing that makes us unique is that we are not only stick to digital platform but we also entertain those vendors who are not aware of online business. Moreover we are business centric or money centric organization because that is something like secondary things to us. All we focus on customer oriented service, for us customer is the central point in which we are revolving around to give magnificent home services through our expertise.

How are you funded?

We are self-established organization and we are running it with our own funds. In fact we are increasing our business by taking bootstrapping. We earn and burn fund within the organization in order to make it better and huge for the business perspectives.

How does the product. Detailed answer on the workings of the product or how does the platform work? How does your service work?

Since we are providing home services including, plumbing, waterproofing, interior designing, architects, painting services, wall furnishing and all that. So when any customer submits their query and requirements on website or if they call on the number provided in the website, we will give services within half an hour. All the workers and technicians are professionals and skilled, so we maintain all the quality parameter of the industry. Our website, operational team and support staff is very cooperative and they take care of every customer.

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