Nothing lasts forever, believes Amitabh

Nothing lasts forever,  believes Amitabh

Nothing Lasts Forever, Believes Amitabh, About Amitabh Bachchan's Disciplined Life. Amitabh Bachchan leads a disciplined life and every hour of his long day is productive. Besides his routine shooting and other enragements in the evenings.

Amitabh Bachchan leads a disciplined life and every hour of his long day is productive. Besides his routine shooting and other enragements in the evenings, he has an allotted time for workout, for office work, for his daily writing - blog and twitter. I did the following interview with him during the process of putting my last book in to action. Excerpts of the conversation:

A few years ago if someone had told you that your career would be flourishing post 60, would you have believed it?
All these years my career was managed and regulated by others. I diligently followed what was told and the outcome was satisfactory. In 1990 I was suggested that I don’t need to work and can take a long sabbatical. I did but soon realised that a life without work is dull and uninteresting. I would have continued being in that stagnated state had economic circumstances not compelled me to get back into action once again.
It was a bad phase of your life, what lessons did you learn from the experience?
I learnt to take control of my life and career, even areas I did not understand. I learnt to question what I could not fathom but most important, this was the first time, I was making decisions for myself and right or wrong, I was responsible for my decisions.
You mean career choices?
That’s right. It’s a liberating feeling to know that you are responsible for your choices. Today, I want to work as long as I can. I feel hesitant to say ‘no’ to friends, to turn down youngsters. Their enthusiasm is infectious and I want to, if possible, participate in their dreams. Some day, I know, I will have to pull the brakes. It will be the time when my face is not good enough for the camera or the audience is bored of me. But till as long as I can, I would like to pursue acting with the same passion.
You have become less guarded now?
Yeah, a lot of baggage has been shed. Much as we fight shy to admit it, economic security instills a lot of strength. I’ve become less guarded because I’m less defensive. My self-assurance also comes from the fact that today; I’m old enough to be forgiven if I make a mistake.
What is it about you that generate mass hysteria?
I don’t know and I’d rather not think about it for I have more worthwhile things to reflect upon like my father’s poetry or my mother’s health. Failure or success has never been preserved by analysing.
How much of your success do you attribute to destiny?
Destiny throws us opportunities and it’s up to us to take up these challenges. ‘Mohabbatein’ and Kaun Banega Crorepati were opportunities I was willing to court and to my good fortune, they proved to be fruitful decisions.
Would you say that you have become more market savvy now?
It’s the world around us that has changed. Today, everything is consumerist. In the olden days nobody mentioned brands. Today, every celebrity worth his name is endorsing some or the other product. I’m fortunate to be lured with so many offers
Every day you are being conferred with new titles, how do you react to so many felicitations?
Gratitude, it’s all very overwhelming. I accept people’s appreciation for my work with humility but there is also a sense of shock. I’m not sure if I’m deserving of so much adulation.
Do you sometimes fear it will allgo away?
I do, in fact all the time. And I know it will go away. That’s the law of nature. Nothing lasts forever and no matter what anyone says, nobody is ever prepared to lose it. You may sense it from the roar of the audience at different seasons of your career, but no artiste is ever sure.
How different is the current success from when you started out?
I don’t think I was conscious about it then for all my time was spent working. Today, I don’t have the mega successes as I did then and which is in a way an advantage because the pressures are lesser. Then, I was expected to perform better with every new release which can be very stressful. Today, the responsibility of a film is on the hero and not on me so I’m in a far more comfortable position today.
Earlier there was certain shyness in your commercials, now you appear less inhibited.
I’m shy even now, there are butterflies in my stomach every time I face the camera, but because I’m shooting ads more frequently now I’m able to disguise my awkwardness. It is because I have understood the craft. In cinema, we have the luxury of delivering a message in three hours but in advertising, we have to sell the product in three second. It is a big challenge.
Do you have any recurrent fears as an actor?
I’m always nervous when I’m beginning work with a new director because it means I’m going to be on test again. It’s bad enough to be able to deliver a convincing performance, but its worse when you have to stand up and emote in front of a stranger. There is a possibility that he feels as much on test as me but we are not sharing notes, so the discomfort persists till we reach a creative understanding of each other’s comfort zone. After that, it is not all that difficult.
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