Rani Mukerji calls Adi foodie husband

Rani Mukerji calls Adi foodie husband

Rani Mukerji calls Adi foodie husband, A lot has happened in Rani Mukerji’s life since I last met her as the to-be bahu of Aditya Chopra at Yash Chopra’s chautha two years ago.

Rani Mukerji (file photo)A lot has happened in Rani Mukerji’s life since I last met her as the to-be bahu of Aditya Chopra at Yash Chopra’s chautha two years ago. She has got married, signed and completed a film and is now on the verge of her new release ‘Mardaani’. We meet at Yash Raj Films Studio, once her favorite shooting studio and today, her sasural, to first watch the trailer of ‘Mardaani’ and later to catch up on what’s going on in her life and career. We move to another floor, another room, her man Friday serves us green tea in fancy mugs and then quietly shuts the door to let us talk in peace.

Does it feel strange that a film you started as Mukerji has been completed as Mrs Chopra?
(Smiles) Not really, whatever the emotions… be it affection or nostalgia is personal and this has nothing to do with my performance as an actor. The screenplay of my life has altered with marriage but not the screenplay of the film.

And how different is the life screenplay now?
To begin with, I live in a different home, away from my parents. I have new responsibilities as a home maker and as a wife so there are new challenges and I’m learning. I’m familiar with my art and craft with cinema but not as familiar with running a kitchen and a home, but I must admit I’m enjoying the little I have learned.

Will the credit in your new film read Rani Mukerji or Rani Mukerji Chopra?
Frankly, I have not thought about it. Life has been a tizzy for a while. First the film, then marriage, then my dad was hospitalised and now the promotion of the film. Let’s face it Chopra is my married name and my children will bear it as a surname when they will enroll in school but Rani Mukerji is my screen name and that is how people know me, so I would like to retain that. Mukerji or Chopra I will remain the same person and the same actor.

But marriage has turned you into a malkin; grapevine says you will make creative decisions at Yash Raj Films.
Marriage has given me control in the kitchen and I’m satisfied with that. My husband is a big foodie so I’m all the time thinking about what to feed him. The rumours of my involvement at YRF are untrue. YRF has many able minds in the right departments and don’t need my advice/expertise for sure and I’m very happy being a wife and an actor. The latter I know and the former I’m learning.

On to marriage you had said you will never have a secret marriage but you did.
I did not have a secret marriage, I had a quiet marriage. I remember I said I will announce when I’m getting married but what can I do if my husband whisked me away to Italy and wanted a quiet marriage with just few friends and family. Everybody knows he is media shy and does not like parties. Marriage is not about changing people but accepting them and I’m happy with the way things are.

In short marriage suits you.
Absolutely, I love it (Blushes).

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