Hrithik turns soldier in trying times

Hrithik turns soldier in trying times

Hrithik Roshan Turns Soldier in Trying Times. Hrithik Roshan in a heart-to-heart conversation with The Hans India after the stupendous success of Bang Bang, talks about his latest release crossing the 200cr mark. Hrithik pours his heart out to Lipika Varma while answering a volley of queries.

Hrithik Roshan in a heart-to-heart conversation with The Hans India after the stupendous success of Bang Bang, talks about his latest release crossing the 200cr mark. Hrithik pours his heart out to Lipika Varma while answering a volley of queries

Are you happy with the opening at the box office?

The only way to judge the film on its entirety is by its numbers. I have been praised to the skies with my other films but they may be the only ones who have liked the film. But you can’t tell how much it’s been appreciated at the box office.

Do critics matter?

Every person’s opinion matters to me. If someone’s criticism can plant a seed of doubt in you, it does matter. But Siddharth says that films crossing 100 crores have always got mixed reviews. There were films which were appreciated but did not make money. So there are films which can make everyone happy, while with some films only a handful of people feel happy. I do like to work in all kinds of films. My motto is always to make everyone happy. My father makes films with sunshine and entertainment and Siddharth is one of the film makers who does films like my father. He has surpassed all the collections of Krissh. My dad may not be happy, but I am happy for now.

Did you enjoy action?

Before every film there is a goal. I was giving my fans what they wanted me to do. I had all the opportunities where I got to do action, dance and romance all together. I didn’t do all this in Jodha Akbar and Agneepath but those films earned me a lot of respect. I got adulation for Kaho Na Pyaar Hai and Dhoom 2 and now Bang Bang. I got to do all these things after six years.

How did you face all the ups and downs in life?

When you are faced with impossibilities in life, you usually give up, many people take a sabbatical. My thinking is that life is all about time and I don’t want to lose that time. I decided to march like a soldier ahead and make most of it.

You did all the action just after your surgery?

I had just come out of my surgery I could not take any sound after my surgery. I have worked with ear plugs throughout the film. Normally we want the music loud because you want to get into the skin but here I would tell them to tone down the music.

Do you have to push yourself to have regular releases?

I have always pushed myself since the start of my career. I want to do two or three films a year. Hopefully I will start doing it in the future. I will plan to do two films a year.

Do your Priorities change with every success?

Priority comes from your character and belief system which maintain your life. You say life is either good or bad. I say life is about creating the best possible person that you become. My priorities are the same and I will choose films that will add growth and challenge me and will help me to give the audience something new.

I want to believe that we are much better and bigger human beings than the fame of the movie. Healthy competition is necessary.

On creating a BB dare for all his peers...What is it all about?

If I had asked them to do something it wouldn’t have happened. I created a platform where we could all come together and do something and fortunately all my co-stars joined me in this. It goes to say so much more about all my friends in the industry. Ranveer, Shraddha, Nargis have enjoyed doing it. If my intention was not good the bang bang dare wouldn’t have worked. So many of them have felt that I have not given them a dare, they are texting me. I am planning things and obliged now.

You are called the Greek God of Bollywood, how does it feel?

Every compliment is a compliment. There is a lot of hard work that goes behind such work. Yes it comes to my body I want to inspire people. I want them to better themselves. Everyone makes mistakes but you have to grow and work hard. I have consistently worked on my body that’s why I have achieved it. They can also work hard.

How do you keep positivity in your life?

There is no positivity in life. Positivity comes with evidence and you have to look for it and have gratitude. My friends told me not to do this film and take a break. Find your centre. I realized that I need to create and be a soldier and create a change. Equation is there you give the universe and it gives it back to you.

Will you host another reality show?

Why not, if I get something interesting I will do it.

Are you open to doing offbeat films?

I am not opposed to any kind of films. I did Fiza where I played the brother right after a commercial film like Kaho Na Pyaar I am an actor and I want to entertain my audiences. I I am not opposed to doing ensemble films or two hero films or small films. I will continue to do films with dad but we have not planned anything as yet. He will do films till he is 120 years old. We are working on Krrish 4 but right now I will take a six days break and work on Mohenjo-Daro.

Have your kids seen the film?

Yes, they have watched the film. I was very happy when they said, 'This is the best film of papa'. Before taking them out to watch the film I had to inform them few things, so that they could understand the film. But surprisingly, they are smart to know a little bit of technicality themselves. This made me feel great.

Not many know the day Hrithik was interacting with the media on his success he was in a hurry his confessions give us a sneak peek to his closeness with his family

Yes! Today being Eid…I have to rush to be with my kids. Soon after I finish my interactions with you I’ll have to be with my kids Moreover, now I will have six days of holiday before beginning my next film Mohenjodaro. I do not know what I will do during my 6 days break but I am now rushing to be with my kids.

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