Giving new definition to spot justice

Giving new definition to spot justice

Post-Nirbhaya, there has been a churning among the intelligentsia – especially among the educated middle class. The impact was so big that the ghastly ...

Vandana, Usha Uthup and Snehalatha MuraliIndi-pop exponent Usha Uthup rendered a few songs in the upcoming Telugu film ‘7 to 4’. The film and songs deal with issues of gender inequality

Post-Nirbhaya, there has been a churning among the intelligentsia – especially among the educated middle class. The impact was so big that the ghastly incident has profoundly changed the outlook of people who had till then looked at the second gender in a rather low and contemptuous way.

More atrocities against women are getting highlighted in media, more secure measures for the protection of women such as, increasing the number of women police personnel, stations, she cabs, complaint cells have been taken.

A new awakening among the women has also taken shape – thanks to a range of discussions in the media and social websites on patriarchal mindset, male chauvinism, disrespect for women employees, role of cinemas, need for more curbs on erotic content.

Still, sexual assaults of a new genre have been on the rise in the country. Working women have been targeted with obscene remarks and are unable to roam around freely in many places. The victims were forced to wait for years together for justice and the lacuna in criminal justice system to provide instant relief has become a bane for the victims.

These disgusting trends and loopholes in the law have propelled some of the right-wing people and youth to come with a solution on spot justice and one such movie produced on these lines was ‘7 to 4’. The director of the movie is Vijay Sekhar Sankranti, who had worked with Ram Gopal Varma.

One of the notable features of this film is both the lyricist and music director were women. Another interesting point about it is the Indi-pop exponent Usha Uthup has rendered a few songs, giving the film new life and took it right to the audience.

Vandana Dwibhashyam, noted writer, singer and convener of UNESCO club in the twin cities has penned the lead song – “Ee karucheekatini vetada vachcharu”, which was forcefully rendered by Usha Uthup and the scores given by music director Snehalatha Murali were captivating. “This is a new age film, reflecting the ills of society.

I wrote the songs primarily on the inherent inequalities that have been blocking justice and the urgent need to provide instant relief to instill confidence among women. Gender discrimination shall end and the culprits shall be given tough punishment within days of committing the crime. More the delay more will be the chances of escape by the fugitives,” Vandana felt.

Vandana, who carved a niche in light music by not only writing tens of songs but producing six albums, is also a social activist by involving in several philanthropic programmes since 1997. “This is a different kind of experience, which provided me a chance to look at things from a different prism.

I feel solutions to the problems of women lie within the society and what the law enforcing agencies do is to treat them in a different way. This was perfectly done by Vijay and his team in the movie,” she said.

Snehalatha Murali, great-granddaughter of the legendary Gidugu Rammorthy Pantulu, the crusader of Spoken Telugu Movement, has been with the small screen for over three decades and provided music to hundreds of short films, documentaries, etc.

“Adarsh, cine executive, has played a key role in bagging the chance. Although I provided music to many social documentaries, giving music to a thoroughly social film, which carries a powerful message, gives utmost satisfaction.” Snehalatha said.

For the 69-year-old Usha Uthup, who had earlier sung many songs to Telugu movies, this is the only Telugu song of this year - “This song is certainly an asset to the yet-to-be-released feature. Her husky and rasping voice gives a feel that the rapists, eve-teasers and ragging rogues should be hounded and brutally punished for their heinous acts. Usha’s voice perfectly suits the lyric and the legendary singer is also happy to be associated with the project,” Vandana explains in conclusion.

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