Words like Ego, Pride not in my dictionary: Amitabh Bachchan

Words like Ego, Pride not in my dictionary: Amitabh Bachchan

Amitabh Bachchan is as excited about Wazir treating it as his first film as he fields a volley of questions from Lipika Varma.

Amitabh Bachchan is as excited about Wazir treating it as his first film as he fields a volley of questions from Lipika Varma. Read on...

About Wazir:

Big B says, " Vinod had narrated the story of Wazir some 12 years ago. The tentative title of the film then was Chess players. However, the film took off much later and is ready for release now ."

On his role he says,

" I play a physically challenged character in the film. Some people feel this kind of a character to be negative for me as I merely have to sit down on the wheelchair. But I feel the character is very positive as it makes me very easy to just sit on the wheelchair and not have stress as to how I will have to use my hands and legs. I simply have to take my hand ultimately to the arm of the wheelchair. Vinod had brought almost 40 wheelchairs and I would every day try them out finally to fix up the finest of the lot."

Ask Amitji ïf his flair for writing poetry comes close to his father Harivansh Rai Bachchan, pat comes the reply, " It cannot be compared to my father. I do not write poems regularly. However, often only for the sake of writing to my well-wishers I do pen down a few lines. "

Reminiscing his not so very Richie rich early days he quips, " I was brought home wrapped in a blanket-thus I call myself ' Guddadi Ka Laal. ' I remember, I wanted to join the cricket club but I could not join it merely because we did not have even Rs 2 to afford the entrance fee. I would often ponder looking at all the big cars and presuming as to when I would be able to own them.But now since I have everything, those days and the present feels the same. I often feel happy for at least being 'the guddhadi ka lal."

India being called the third World does not make Amitji feel happy, "I am often disturbed when India is called the 3rd World why are we called the 3rd World and developing country? This makes me feel sorry. I wish my Country to be rank ed on top."

Praising the young talent, Amitabh unhesitatingly says, "Our young actors are really focussed and a talented lot. The recent performances of Ranveer Singh in "Bajirao Mastani when compared by some critics stating his performances to be equivalent to Russel Crowe, may I say, can they work under the situations we do? Can they come and perform "Malhaar" dance? Whether Ranveer or Ranbir they are very fine actors. "

About choosing acting as his profession: "As a child I was inclined towards theatre and dramatics thus I decided to come down to Mumbai and work in films. Sometimes during discussions when people say," Rest was fine but that particular thing was very filmy!! why do people look down upon our profession. We do work sincerely also we love our Country as much as others do."

Recalling his business meetings for ABCL in the late nineties, he says: " I remember during my visit in foreign Countries companies like Warren Bro and Fox would invite me for some discussions, but I was not so keen on meeting them. One of my lawyer friend insisted that I should meet them.Surprisingly, when I met them I was awestruck as they knew everything about our film industry right from the beginning era. And they told me, "Mr Bachchan try and put your house in order before the Americans take over Bollywood."

Confirming about Jaya Bachchan's interest of opening a platform for story tellers to be able to submit their stories he says, "Yes! Jaya wants story writers to be able to submit their stories as they keep looking for proper platforms. She also plans to have a platform wherein we all can discuss about cinema which can further educate the forthcoming talent. ABCL has also produced two Marathi films we are also keen on producing some South regional films. "

We interrupt and quiz will it be a South film remake or an original film in Southern language? "Well! That you will have to ask Abhishek as he looks after production and finalisation of subjects and films."

About the Oscar Syndrome:

Amitji says, "I do not know why people are so crazy about the Oscars. Do we give them any award? The performances that ou r youth puts forth is amazing, working in the prevailing conditions and giving their best is really amazing."

Lastly, being so successful pride is not Amitabh Bachchan 's cup of tea. "I do not believe I am successful. Also words like, "Ego ...pride etc do not exist in my dictionary, " he signs off.

By Lipika Varma

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