Stay fit, the Kris way

Stay fit, the Kris way

Quickly guess what is common between celebrity hulks like John Abraham, Hrithik Roshan and Ranveer Singh apart from their Bollywood connection? And, of course, there is connect with Tollywood star Mahesh Babu. 

Renowned transformation and fitness expert Kris Gethin talks about the importance of staying fit, his eventful journey and experiences in India

Quickly guess what is common between celebrity hulks like John Abraham, Hrithik Roshan and Ranveer Singh apart from their Bollywood connection? And, of course, there is connect with Tollywood star Mahesh Babu.

Still groping for an answer?
Well, they all owe their chiseled body and woman-swooning physique to the one and only Kris Gethin, Kris to thousands of his admirers not just back home in the United States from all over the globe.

The hugely-respected transformation and fitness expert is admired for his innovative training techniques that seem to be working wonders on every ‘client’, whose body he ‘shapes’ to extraordinary levels.

The CEO of Kaged Supplements and the director of training at Physique Global has other enviable entries in his resume-he is the author of best-sellers, ‘Body By Design’ and ‘Bollywood Body By Design’. A former editor-in-chief of, he is currently its consultant word-of-mouth promoter.

His popularity can be gauged from the fact that his uniquely conceptualised Dramatic Transformation Principle (DTP), a proven technique for lifestyle transformation, has been downloaded by over 100 million buffs from across the globe. Kris was recently in Hyderabad to launch the Kris Gethin Gyms chain.

He confounds you in the very first meeting when he insists that he did not choose body building but it chose him.“After an accident in Moto Cross, I was bed ridden for some time. I used to go to a rehab for the back injury. When I started weight-training, there is a magical transformation in that the pain appeared to be a thing of the past. I felt fighting fit,” Kris opens up.

“I have always advocated that transformation and change of perceptions must come from within. That is the fix motivation, which steers you from point A to B. Transformation should not be for vanity but from a therapeutic point of view,” explains the master.

Kris has written many books about fitness and his journey. His latest book aptly titled ‘The Transformer’ showcases his journey from a non entity to a much sought after trainer in the fitness industry.“When I was starting I approached many magazines and some did publish fitness articles written by me. Although, there were no monetary rewards as such, I had an inner satisfaction my methodology and messages were reaching out to a larger audience.

To make my messages more refined, I improved my writing skills. Lo Presto! I got a call from the hugely patronised asking me to take over as its editor-in-chief. The Godsend opportunity, which I grabbed with both hands, also helped develop an urge to pen a book. I started writing books and created a dedicated website,” Gethin said.

Speaking about his book ‘Bollywood By Design’ he said, “Coming to India gave me a different perspective. I wanted to write a book specifically for Indians. I used to get a lot of emails from India stating that they are vegetarians and they can’t transform. And, that’s how the book happened. I spoke to many chefs and prepared exclusive veggie recipes.”

Busting the myths about supplements, Kris points out. “People in India get confused – they think supplements are steroids. There is no doubt that steroids are bad for health but quality supplements are good.”Kris stressed that taking food on time is very important. He advices all fitness freaks to overcome the crazy habit of skipping meals.

“I carry my food everywhere. It gives me the energy to stay productive all through. One should eat small meals five times a day. Avoid junk food and food with lots of oil or butter. Eating in small quantities and eating the right food keeps the body fit. One should never skip a meal as the body needs it for basic functional purposes.

If one misses out on food then the metabolism slows down and the body starts to accumulate fat. Eat before you sleep and soon after you wake up to kick-start the metabolism process. It may surprise you but my fitness takes origin from the fact that I have not skipped a meal in 17 years,” he said.

Kris says that it is very important that the body gets regular exercise. “Humans are hunters and gatherers. Our body is meant to move but most of us sit and work. The body needs to work out and hitting the gym is ideal. One should have smaller goals, which give birth to larger and workable goals. If one thinks that s/he will lose weight in a month or two then that is a big goal. One should break it down and focus on it, then move towards another goal,” Kris stresses as he signs off.

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