Frederic ​to hit screens on May ​27: Know more

Frederic ​to hit screens on May ​27: Know more

The story begins with a 16 year old boy Maanav, who just like all of us is similar in every way except that he is a little different. He has...

Presenter - Evana Entertainment Pvt. Ltd
Producer - Manish Kalaria
Director - Rajesh Butalia
Music - Sunjoy Bose
Story,Screenplay,Dailogue- Rajesh Butalia
Executive Producer - Meher Haque
Editor - Sandeep Singh Bajeli
Cast - Prashant Narayanan
Introducing - Tulna Butalia and Avinash Dhyani
Marketing - Vibes Multientertainment
PRO - Dwapar Promoters Himanshu Jhunjhunwala
Art Director - Dinesh Shinde
Action - Vikram Dahiya
Cinematographers - Anubhav Bansal,Devendra Golatkar and Harish Negi
Casting Director - Harry Parmar
Choreographer - Arvind Thakur and Karishma Chavan
Lyrics - Rajesh Butalia,Saveri Verma and Diksha Jyoti
Singers - Shaan,Sunidhi Chauhan,K K,Rimi Dhar,Deepali Sathe and Ryan Victor
Location of shoot - Mumbai and Mussorrie

The story begins with a 16 year old boy Maanav, who just like all of us is similar in every way except that he is a little different. He has surprising strength and very sharp intelligence, but his behavior is different from other children.There is only one guy in this world who understands him completely, with whom he feels connected to depth of his heart and soul, Fredrick. Maanav's father does not approve of their friendship and is opposed to it.One fateful day an unfortunate event happens. Maanav's only friend is killed at the hands of his father and in a fit of rage Maanav kills his father.And he moves out to make on his strength a world of his own and his own rules .

19 Years Later...
In the breathtakingly gorgeous valleys and beautifully draped snow covered mountains of Mussoorie,a dark unknown shadow has cast a web of Human trafficking, whom nobody knows and no one has seen.only his name is mentioned every where. Fredrick.Vikram, A suspended IB agent with his wife Amrita, are on a special mission who have come to mussoorie deliberately to get entrapped in this web.Moving around like normal tourists they come across some people and they go for a private party. Here Vikram is spiked with Drugs and Amrita is kidnapped.When Vikram regains consciousness he finds no one. All he has is a photograph of a girl and nothing else. After a few dangerous encounters and events he clears in his mind that the girl in the photograph is his missing sister Sheekha.

Vikram and Amrita had come to search for her.Amrita has a tracking device which is paired with Vikram's watch.And begins the quest to find Sheekha.Where ever Vikram goes, Fredrick keeps a watch on him. Vikram is trying to trace Amrita with the help of the tracking device. Will their plan succeed? Many more questions, such as why is it that Fredrick has to keep a watch on Vikram? Why is he so strangely interested in Vikram?Whatever clue Vikram finds during his search for his wife and sister he realizes that they are all linked with Fredrick. But what he is not able to find out is,who is this Fredrick? Where is he?

If Fredrick wanted to have him killed he could have done so easily,then what's stopping him?

The story takes a surprise turn, when Vikram comes to know that actually Fredrick is not trying to kill him. Now he is even more confused..

All the puzzles and mysteries are solved when he finally comes face to face with Fredrick, who himself has come forth as a larger unimaginable riddle. Amidst all these mysteries and revelations this interesting tale finally reaches a painful end.

​By S.K.De​

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