Torch-bearer of women-centric flicks?
Torch-bearer of women-centric flicks?

 Now-a-days, glam diva Anushka Shetty seems to have resolved to do only women-centric movies. Despite returning to big screen after a gap of more than one year, the ‘Bhaagamathe’ star has again signed a horror flick to be directed by Hemanth Madhukar. The big budget film is being jointly produced by People’s Media Factory and Kona Film Corporation. She will be romancing Tamil star Madhavan in this multi-lingual film for which shooting is expected to commence from March next. “It will also have a few Hollywood actors and technicians to make it into a path-breaking thriller,” aver makers.

Actually, the ‘Arundhati’ star declined to do films with popular actors like Venkatesh and Balakrishna recently and gave her nod to an author-backed role. “Anushka is doing the right thing and trekking her own path. She is the uncrowned queen of women-centric films in Telugu and expanded her base even to Tamil Nadu as well. Instead of playing a second fiddle to middle-aged heroes, she is preferring to lead from the front and carry a film on her shoulders,” says distributor Ramakrishna and adds “Armed with immense talent and good looks, Anushka is ahead of her peers in pulling crowds on the strength of her name.

Apart from losing weight, the actress is making the right moves to keep her flag flying high,” adds Ramakrishna. Even though her younger rivals like Samantha, Kajal, Tamannaah and Anjali are trying to make inroads into the women-centric turf, it will take some more time for them to give Anushka a run for her money. Until then, she will be the Queen Bee of T-town. Interestingly, the actress has some fascination for ‘spooky thrillers’ because it befits her ‘larger-than-life’ image.

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