Spanish language specialists in demand

Spanish language specialists in demand

Spanish language Specialists in Demand. The craze for learning languages among youth has opened doors in labour market. We Indians are showing a much...

The craze for learning languages among youth has opened doors in labour market. We Indians are showing a much needed interest in terms of learning new languages. Couple of years back, the languages which touched the frontiers were French and German but now few more languages are ruling the roost. Those are Spanish, Mandarin and Japanese. Why Spanish? The reasons are plenty.

First of all, Spanish is widely spoken in US and its counterparts. Nearly 12 million populations speak Spanish and the language has come to be known as second language in US. As more and more youth enter US in order to enrol for higher studies like MS and Phd, this language is in highly demand and sought after than other languages.

The Spanish which is called Espanol is an easy language compared to French and German. It is simpler to read, write and understand Spanish than other foreign languages. Some of the well known songs in bollywood have included Espanol and made it sound very mellifluous. Sometimes when you listen to few words, you may think if it is derived from Urdu or Sanskrit as there are many familiar words. For example, ‘Usted’ which means You, ‘Camisa’ which means shirt in Spanish and Kameez in urdu or hindi.

Spanish is one of the most important languages. Its importance dates back to history. Spain tightened its grip on the colonies of America over the 18th century. This has been the main reason that the position of Spanish was made strong. Portuguese which is a close relative is also growing rapidly in and around the countries.

Many writers and authors who have made a mark globally were from Hispania and Latin America. For example, a well known author Gabriel Garcia Marquez of One Hundred Years of Solitude fame, was one the significant authors of 21st century. The culture of Spanish is highly talked about and followed in many countries. Their culture mainly includes party and dance forms like Latin dance, Salsa, Samba and etc. The culture exudes warmth and bonhomie between individuals across the borders. As Indians find the language sweet, lovers get in touch with their beloved texting Te amo or Te extrano mucho.

Though Spanish is official language in Spain and other Latin American countries, it varies considerably. The usage and communication styles changes from one region to another. The language has led to many opportunities in terms of jobs for individuals in IT and ITES.

Though labour market and political cooperation are severely affected, the language has paved way for many young Indians to touch the sky. As more and more Spaniards learn to communicate in English and build their English speaking skills, we are sincerely moving towards ‘Hola’ and ‘Adios’.

Yes Spanish, we are largely indebted for the rewards you give to know you. For that, ‘Muchas Gracias.’

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