OUTA, varsity VC at loggerheads

OUTA, varsity VC at loggerheads

OUTA, Varsity VC At Loggerheads. All is not well between the Osmania University Teachers’ Association (OUTA) and the university administration.

Hyderabad: All is not well between the Osmania University Teachers’ Association (OUTA) and the university administration. The OUTA alleged that the university Vice-Chancellor Prof. S Satynarayana has not acted timely to renew accreditation for the varsity from National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC) that ended in February 2013 itself.

Springing a surprise by calling for an unexpected media meeting to spell out its stand on the affairs of the varsity, Prof. B Satyanarayana, president of OUTA-an elected body, came down heavily on the administration saying that ‘laxity on part of the Vice-Chancellor has caused immense loss to the university’. He squarely blamed the VC saying, “He is adamant and is always involved in lobbying for a higher post, post-retirement. He is due to retire in two months.”

Refuting the allegations, an irked VC, attacked the OUTA President for ‘indulging in mudslinging with the sole aim of gaining upper hand in the varsity affairs’.

Prof. S Satyanarayana, at a hurriedly convened press meet, lambasted OUTA President for not maintaining decency and decorum. “Is he so blind to the extraordinary efforts I have been making for getting NAAC accreditation for the past several months? What’s his contribution to the department he is heading?” VC asked.

The spar between the two heads has created an unseemly situation which has dented the image of the university, which is completing 100 years in a few years from now, remarked a member of OUTA.

The President of OUTA, Prof. Battu Satyanarayana, who is facing ACB charges, has used the opportunity to spit venom against the VC, some of the professors revealed. VC, who tried to bring to knees the OUTA president, in vain, said he is wondering why the OUTA chose to malign him on matters which he has been pursuing assiduously- viz service matters, faculty crunch, backlog grant and pensions.

“Save OU”

The OUTA has christened the strategy meeting it held before the media meet as “Save OU”

“So far, the adamant VC didn’t go for the renewal process which would have severe repercussions in terms of financial aid and ranking of the university. Now the university doesn’t have accreditation,” Prof. Battu Satyanarayana added.

“When applications were supposed to be sent for the renewal, the administration evaded stating they applied for letter of intent. Already the university is in severe financial crisis, if the commission stops aid after April 2015, the university may lose its recognition,” the OUTA president said.

The teachers’ body alleged that internal quality assurance advisory committee should scrutinise the application before sending it for NAAC renewal but no such advisory meeting was held so far. It also alleged that the university has stopped paying pension and pensionary benefits to the teachers who have retired from university service.

Ranking of the universities in India is solely based on the ranks given by the NAAC. On the grounds of the NAAC accreditation, the university received University with Potential for Excellence (UPE) status.

I did my best: VC

OU VC Prof. S Satynarayana said that the procedure for NAAC accreditation has been under process. “Almost the procedure for the accreditation has been completed. After sending four annual reports each in a year, letter of intent has to be submitted, which was done in 2012. The accreditation body delayed in giving us the track number which hampered the process. As there was a year gap, they asked for 5th year annual report, which was submitted last week. The SSR report needs slight modification, which will be done and will be submitted to the accreditation body within 4-5 days,” said Prof. S Satynarayana.

VC added that he is confident that the university would get ‘A’ grade status.

The NAAC team is due to visit the university between August and September to rate the varsity.

On the shortage of faculty members in the university, the VC said that, he would demit office on July 14. “The new VC should go for the recruitment; failing which would be difficult to run the show in the university as the faculty would come down to 400 against 1270 in total,” the VC added.

The officials said that PhD exam notification is likely to be issued between June 27 and 29. Induction programme for the newly recruited university faculty would be held on June 20 and 21.

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