Campus placements

Campus placements

Campus placements cannot be viable until and unless the students are industry ready. The reason behind this is because there is a massive disconnect...

Campus placements cannot be viable until and unless the students are industry ready. The reason behind this is because there is a massive disconnect of the students to what the industry wants and the Engineering/MCA/MBA college students emerging out. There is a solution for every problem. Read the following points and guide the students accordingly and make sure they are industry ready before you conduct any campus placement. So that it helps you build and retain organisational reputation and attract more companies for campus placements.

1. Prepare for a planned internship from the very first semester. When the internships in summer are well done at a start-up company, then post learning the company may even take the final placement. Let the students explore the opportunities, check their skill set and understand where their interest lies.

2. Never get into cut paste habit. Encourage and practice originality; only then new learning will happen. Students who submit cut paste class assignments and yet get good scores speak of their teacher’s competence and integrity. Do not cheat yourself.

3. Remain in self-learning mode always beyond the classroom syllabus. Use intelligent tools like Google alert for getting real time information from anywhere for free. There are so many resources like Coursera, MOOC, YouTube videos, etc. Remain curious to remain updated.

4. Avoid the street side IT shops for class assignment and training. There are some really good institutes for which you need to do assessment before you join. Do not follow your friends or relatives way; your aspirations might be different from them.

5. Writing skill has to be a habit and one should enjoy. It is the only way to have an internalised learning. Start making a blog from the very first semester and see yourself becoming a specialist in the domain of your interest. Never go for a cut paste blog. Make your online profile in Facebook and LinkedIn, very focused and professional with core subjects mentioned clearly. Keep the personal friends Facebook separate.

6. Yes, I agree marks matter for MNCs to filter the candidates, but what is the use of them when they fail in the interview due to lack of other skills.

7. Often students mistake communication skills for English speaking skills. Use self help tools by recording your own voice in the native mother tongue. Improve that first and use feedback by listening to your own voice. This is an auto feedback correction. Use the same principle to improve your English communication skill.

8. Create alumni groups using Facebook and other social media tools and connect with current students to share their experiences. Let them become college ambassadors. Invite them to talk to their juniors and share their experiences along with other industry experts.

9. Bring the latest books, magazines and ensure that the college library is up to date. Just having text books is not enough.

10. Get exposed to cross culture beyond Telangana/Andhra Pradesh also for a better wholesome personality and understanding; on how to make a global career. Understand the difference between ‘overseas education’ and ‘overseas career’.

11. Conduct the periodical workshops by experts who can deliver and ensure the desired outcome.

12. It’s not just for students, the entire college staff and management team undergo this learning process. So conduct sessions for TPO/staff/principal by experts to make them aware of industry best practices and remain up to date and ensure everyone’s on the same page.

13. Along with the students also send the teaching staff for industrial visits to understand the reality. Encourage and empower them to develop their skills as well.

14. All colleges need to cope up with the schedule/time table and strive to find extra time to do the above activities.

15. Now it’s all about the social media recruitment and students need to know more and beyond the classroom syllabus. Let students through their social presence attract companies to approach colleges for the placements.

Every college management, staff, training/placement officer should realise that students’ successful placement will bring more credibility than mere publicity.

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