Why am I not getting hired?

Why am I not getting hired?

Why am I Not Getting Hired. Do not get frustrated if there\'s no response from the employers. First understand and do not approach any company if you\'re not the right candidate for the listed vacancy.

Sir, I have applied to more than 30 jobs in last the 30 days time, but I haven't received a single interview call yet. Is it because of tight market condition, or do employers now have the luxury of time? I heard there are instances where employers make offers on the spot. Please suggest. - Sandhya

Do not get frustrated if there's no response from the employers. First understand and do not approach any company if you're not the right candidate for the listed vacancy. Next, don't make disappointing assumptions if they do not hire you. While recruiting the right people, employer's may take some good time. However, it doesn't mean that they have the luxury of time for recruitment. In most of the cases, hiring managers are eager to fulfill the requirements in the shortest possible time. Employers prefer to hire through referrals as they believe it to be the most trusted source. Moreover it incur less cost. Be realistic... if you're the right fit, prove it by getting referred by someone the hiring manager trusts. Many a times, the recruitment process slows down as they get bunch of irrelevant profiles too. You may be the right fit for one, two or three jobs. So pick them carefully and study the job, project, company in detail. Remember CVs do not reveal what you are... So, better get an appointment to demonstrate your skills and the value you bring in if they hire you.

Sir, I'm interested in e-Commerce technical field. Please suggest suitable courses or areas to improve upon. - Dhanush

Technical skills such as web design, and website maintenance and security are also for those with skills relating to digital marketing, web analytics and copywriting, individuals who possess a blend of both technical and business understanding. You should learn HTML5/CSS3, PHP5/MYSQL5, XML, XSLT, JavaScript, Jquery, AJAX, MVC Framework, LAMP, Adobe Dreamweaver CS3; e-commerce Platform: OpenCart, Magento. Soft Skills include PR skills, marketing skills, communication skills, Business analysis skills, problem solving skills, customer service skills, user-empathy skills etc. However, when you are thorough with the above skills, you can start your career with an awareness on those skills. You can visit this website to understand the basics and know many aspects of e-commerce: https:// www.coursera.org/course/ntuecom

I've done Electrical & Electronics Engineering in 2011 and then joined a company as a CAD engineer. I've also done Web Designing Course. Is MBA useful to me? Please let me know the career opportunities for me... - Rahul

If you want to pursue MBA for the sake of certificates, then it’s not advisable. You can learn a lot without any degrees too. So better know the purpose of going for a MBA. CAD and Web Design are two different areas. If you're considering a career in Computer Aided Design (CAD) this is your starting point. CAD designers may pursue a wide variety of careers in different industries, depending on their educational background. Aerospace and manufacturing industries heavily rely on the knowledge and skills of their computer-aided designers to integrate current technology or design new products. CAD designers in architectural engineering or the electrical industry work in a similar capacity. Drafters using computer-aided design have generated notable benefits related to mechanical or piping needs in those sectors as well.

You’ve plenty of opportunities like Mechanical Design and CAD, Architectural/Construction Engineering, Aerospace Engineering, etc. Focus on learn more in addition to AutoCAD; other tools like AutoCAD Civil 3D; AutoCAD Architecture; 3ds Max; Inventor; Maya; Revit Architecture; AutoCAD Electrical.

Sir please tell me the opportunities available after MA/PG Diploma in Criminology and Police Administration. - Jagadish

You have the scope to start your career in Private and Public Sector, Educational Institutions, Government Organisations, Social Welfare Organisations, Corporate Companies, Financial Institutions, Department Stores, Law Firms, Drug enforcement agencies, Federal Bureau of Investigation, Research Organisations, NGOs, private security and detective agencies, foreign police departments, etc. You will get work in Corrections, Counseling, Diversion programming, Criminal Investigation, Forensics, Financial Fraud Investigation & Prevention Insurance, Fraud Investigation & Prevention Judicial / Courts Intervention Programming, Law Enforcement Rehabilitation, Medical Investigation, Research and Policy Studies, Psychologist – Psychopathology Specialist, Private Investigation, Special Agencies, Retail Investigation, Teaching, etc.

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