Oh my Word

Oh my Word

Steve Jobs and Bill Gates have collided and colluded in thequest to stay one step ahead inthe drive for supremacy,” reports The TimesFriday, 28 May,...

Steve Jobs and Bill Gates have collided and colluded in thequest to stay one step ahead inthe drive for supremacy,” reports The TimesFriday, 28 May, 2010Collide refers to disagreement, opposition,clash or conflict between people; and theiraims, ideas, opinions which could also be betweencountries.

Collide also means two objects/peoplecrashing into each other. At the junction of7 Roads in Cuddapah, it is common to seevehicles colliding everyday.

The drivers getbadly hurt because the traffic police do notenforce rules stringently as they are in collusionwith someone.The traffic regulators are brainstormingfor a solution to collisions at the IndiaGate roundabout in New Delhi.
The yacht collided with a moored boatin the Mediterranean Sea; three peoplewere hurt badly.“31 killed, 171 missing as ferry with 831on board collides with cargo ship,” reports.
The Asian Age 18 August 2013David Cameron is on a collision coursewith the Queen as her aides push for ahuge increase in the 7.9 m annual civillist. - The Sunday Times 30 May 2010Often, US and China collide onhuman rights (the former is a democraticand the latter is communistic), and theycollude with other countries to gain supportin their favour.
The Congress and the BJP collideover secularism but other political partiescollude with one of them either ideologicallyor for electoral survival.
Moscow revelers drown in pleasureboat collision, reports The Guardian,Monday, 1 August, 2011. Selenologistsare trying to figure out the lunar body’sorbits and its collisions with other objectsin the space.
Derivatives of collide are collides,collided, colliding, collision, collisions.Collude means plotting or conspiring to deceivesomebody, to cheat others; two partiesor people coming together to cheat the thirdone, secret agreement to fool the other for politicalgain, or monetary benefit, and others.
Derivatives of collude are colludes, colluded,colluding, collusion, collusions, collusive(adjective). The witnesses in the caseturned hostile in the court for they were in collusion with the defendant’s lawyers!India often fails to realize its collusiveneighbours, who plot to discredit the country.
“Afghanistan vowed to neutralise elementsbehind the third major attack on Indian diplomatsand government personnel while SouthBlock hinted at the collusion of people withbases in the tribal regions of Pakistan,” reportsThe Hindu 4 August 2013 The Libyan rebel commander at the centreof the storm overBritain’s collusionwith the Gaddafiregime accusedUK intelligenceagentsof ignoringhis claimsthat he wasbeing tortured,reportsThe Timestuesday,6 September,2011.
Why did SteveJobs of Apple andBill Gates of Microsoftcollide, andcollude? They hadoverlapping businessinterests which lead tocollision but subsequently to collusion tofurther their financial operationsacross the world.
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