A passion to protect nature, save animals

A passion to protect nature, save animals

After completion of education, getting good job in a MNC is the common passion for students. They aim on high salaries and sophisticated life style. 

After completion of education, getting good job in a MNC is the common passion for students. They aim on high salaries and sophisticated life style. But N Ch Bhanu a MCA graduate in more interested in protecting nature, animals than getting job in a company.

Bhanu, a 25-year-old computer science graduate lives in Kamavarapukota of West Godavari district and spends more time with dogs, snakes, and other animals and saving them from harm. Even he is spending around Rs 15,000 from his pocket to feed around 20 street dogs and other stray animals in his house.

“Being human we should have traits like mercy, love, affection towards animals and it’s our responsibility to save nature as we are getting everything is from it only. Even water, soil, food and everything is coming from nature only. So we should keep it clean and should play a key role in protecting them to give healthy society to our next generations”, he said.

When I was in graduation I found a stray dog, which was struggling to walk and I had taken it to a veterinary hospital at Gannavaram. The doctors there found that it is as pregnant and struggling to give birth to pups. Later, they performed a surgery and came back with the mother and pups. I named after two pups as Swathi and Kajol. Even I celebrate their birthday.

I am trained in first aid and sometimes I give treatment to dogs, donkeys or other animals by injecting pain killers and giving them medicines. Frequently, I vaccinate the dogs to protect them from rabbis, said Bhanu. eI went to Blue cross at Hyderabad, which is being led by Amala Akkineni and got trained there in caring for animals and learnt the laws concerning animal cruelty.

I started “Animals and Nature Conservation Society (ANCS)” an organisation with the support of the District collector here and working I am now working for the welfare of these animals. I get calls from the public when they find a snake or injured dogs and bring them to my home.

If I find snakes in the streets or homes, I catch them and will hand them over to the forest staff or leave them in jungle. I have built a small kennel for the diseased animals in an open place and feeding them regularly. My father, mother also treat the dogs as our family members and feed them.

We should know why the monkeys, elephants, deers are coming into the villages near by the forest and losing their lives in the hands of people. Due to unavailability of food, nuts, grains in the forest only they are coming into the villages. So we have planned to plant fruit saplings and some other trees which are useful to these animals in forest to provide food in their natural habitat.

We have discussed this with the forest officials and got appreciation and support from them. Humans can communicate with others about their emotions but the animals cannot. So we should have concern for the animals and save them from the people who torture them. Even I convince the municipal and panchayat staff not to kill the stray dogs and try to sterilize them to minimize the dog population in our village. I am regularly getting advice from Amala Akkineni regarding the welfare activities to be taken for animals, he said.

“Pinky, Sony and some other dogs in my home will not leave me even for a single minute. They play with me; communicate with me and sometimes sulk too. I like to spend more time with these animals rather than people as the animals don’t have feelings of jealous, greedy, narrow minded like human being,” Bhanu said.

By Koppara Gandhi

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