The crane and the crab

The crane and the crab

The crane and the crab. A crane lived on the bank of a lake.

A crane lived on the bank of a lake.

It grew old and weak. It could no more catch fish.
One day it told the fish in the lake, "Friends, the water of this lake will soon dry up because of the influence of a bad star. People are saying so in the village. "
The fish were frightened. Fish cannot live without water.
They asked the crane, "Uncle, what shall we do?"
The crane replied, "If you don’t mind, I will carry you one by one to another very large lake. There the water will never dry up. "
The fish were glad to learn that there was a way out and said, “ Do, Uncle, do!"
The crane then took the fish one by one in his beak.
But on the way it ate them up. The other fish in the lake did not know what was happening.
One day the crane took a crab from the lake. On the way, the crab saw lots of fish-bones. It became suspicious.
At last the crane put down the crab on a rock. It said, "I am now going to eat you!"
At once the crab caught the crane’s neck and bit it into two. The crane died.
(From Culture Course-BVB)
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