The spunky star

The spunky star

The spunky star, Nache Mayuri fame Sudha Chandran, Ajab Risk Hai, Saath Nibhana. Sudha Chandran with her ever smiling persona is sure a tough nut to crack. At the tender age of 17 she met with an accident which changed the course of her life.

Nache Mayuri fame Sudha Chandran is dividing her time between Mumbai and Chennai, enjoying the limelight in the Hindi serial ‘Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai… Ajab Risk Hai’ while also acting in the Tamil remake of the popular show ‘Saath Nibhana Saathiya’

Sudha Chandran with her ever smiling persona is sure a tough nut to crack. At the tender age of 17 she met with an accident which changed the course of her life. Despite her leg that had been amputed during that accident, Sudha went on to become one of most acclaimed dancers in India. With a prosthetic Jaipur foot in place and grit and determination by her side she made it big as an internationally renowned dancer apart from being a film and TV star.

Currently, Sudha is seen in Life Ok’s ‘Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai… Ajab sa Risk Hai’ playing the role of Lahori bua after replacing Mona Ambegaonkar in January this year. Her role has got her wide acclaim once again which is not new for her since she has earlier too been a hit with her earlier stints on Indian television. Sudha is most remembered for her vampish mother-in-law character of Ramola Sikand in ‘Kahin Kissi Roz’.

Talking about her role at present, Sudha says, “I wanted to do this role even before I heard this character, in fact even when the first look of Lahori Bua was out and Mona was doing it. She did a fantastic job and even before I was narrated the role and how it would go further I knew it was a crucial character which will have lots of scope and I am happy that I am doing it.”

Sudha has got compliments for her act as Lahori Bua from the industry too, “As an actor this was a new role for me since I had never played a rural character. This is an out and out Haryanvi character with rustic make up while earlier I had always done metro centric characters, so this is a learning process for me. And thankfully my effort has been appreciated as I have got lots of compliments for my work.”

Due to this role producers have come to know that she is still part of the industry in Mumbai says Sudha with a laugh, “I am thankful to my producer Manish Goswami who gave me this role since many of the Hindi TV producers thought that I had left Mumbai for good and settled down South since I was doing lots of work there.”

Sudha now wants to focus more on Hindi serials but even though she has decided to take up more shows after this, she does not have time to take up anything else, “Many have been telling me that they have been missing me in Hindi shows and I had decided that I will do more of them but now with this one show I am totally busy. Offers do come in for Hindi and for shows down South but I am choosy and like to do only good work. I balance my time in both the places and now let me see how this goes.”

She is currently dividing her time between Mumbai and down South where she is shooting for the Tamil remake of the popular Hindi show ‘Saath Nibhana Saathiya’, “I shoot for 12 -13 days for ‘Kaisa Yeh Ishq’… and the rest of the days I am in Chennai shooting for my Tamil show…. so as of now, my hands are full but let’s see I will be happy to do more.”

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