Give your living room a stylish makeover
Give your living room a stylish makeover

If you are in the process of designing your home, you will know that contemporary designs are really popular right now, especially, if you are part of a modern family. If you still live with your parents or even grandparents, then they might not be as enthusiastic about a contemporary design but don’t just assume that they won’t like it, ask them and see what they prefer. 

A living room can feel bland and too open without the proper design idea. You need to use the space right, with appropriate colours, décor and your taste. Check out few of the best modern living room designs and take inspiration to revamp your space!!!

Modern Fusion

What many people don't appreciate about modern design is how easily it can be combined with other styles. This room for instance has some traditional architectural bones yet the furniture and art skew modern. Together they form an almost transitional style which can be appealing to a wide variety of people.

Negative Space

Make a small modern space appear larger with a white color palette and see through furnishings. This modern condo staging & styling has a small footprint but thanks to the use of negative space mainly around the acrylic coffee table it appears larger than it really is.

Dramatic Details 
Despite the fact that there are guidelines for every style of decorating, there really are no rules. This room definitely fits the bill for modern style, yet it has a number of unique elements that separate it from the crowd. Between the wow-factor feature wall, large scale art, and ball side table, this modern living room has a style all its own.

Pop of Colour 

A pop of bright colour and a take notice pattern are great ways to add a little excitement to a modern living room. You can try the bright yellow chairs add life and excitement yet they don't detract from the fireplace focal point. For anyone who thinks modern is boring, this living room should change their mind.

Graphic Art

The graphic combination of black and white is ideal for the often graphic sensibilities of modern design. The sharp lines and streamlined silhouettes suit the acute contrast in color and results in a look that is both contemporary and gender neutral.

Warm and Cozy 

What's not to love about a room with comfortable furniture, a soothing palette, and a take notice focal point? This modern living room has them all. The sleek lines and no-frills approach to decorating is both modern and minimal, yet there's nothing cold or impersonal about it. The warm finishes and soft furnishings make this a great room for spending a cozy night in.


It's hard to go wrong with an all-white color palette. Since modern design is about simplicity, white is a natural fit. It's also surprisingly easy to add personality. The curved lines of the furniture, the shapely chandeliers, and the floral arrangements bring a feminine sensibility to modern living rooms.

Comfort and Relaxation

A modern living room with comfortable furniture, cozy fireplace and stunning view is the perfect place for family gatherings. The key to this room's comfort is the seating.

Sexy and Dramatic

Modern design has the capacity to be very sexy and dramatic. Long, luxurious drapes, a take notice fireplace wall, and a restrained color palette comprised mostly of charcoal make it happen in this living room. To create a look like this avoid anything that could be considered visual clutter and focus on large expanses of color and material.