Portraying nature in diverse mediums
Portraying nature in diverse mediums

 US-based artist, Ursula Clark’s latest installation ‘Two Towers’ is on display at Pegasus Art Gallery which explores nature. The artist was in the city for few days to work on her site-specific work of art. She shared that her art connects with nature and the surroundings; the site-specific installation work is done using the most basic elements like jute fiber and stones. 

Her works has been exhibited at several galleries in New York. Ursula has also done five curatorial projects from 1986 to 2001 in the US. The artist was in India to participate in an art camp in Shantiniketan organised and directed by Chandana Khan, president of Pegasus Art Gallery.

Sharing about her concept of work, Ursula Clark said, “The tower being displayed in Pegasus Art Gallery is made of bamboo sticks, threads, durries and plank of various pieces of textile which have been recycled. In between, I have used very colorful strings of textile. 

When I landed in India, I was attracted by the colorful sarees of Indian women and that’s how I have Indianised my tower that reflects Indian cultural ethos. My second tower is simpler and work on more bare form which looks totally organic." 

Ursula Clark’s work is influenced by primitive art as well as abstract and conceptual art. However, nature herself is her most direct influence and even materials she uses are organic. These materials include sticks, stones branch natural fibers dried mosses and more. Aesthetically, she gives particular attention to texture, color, and smell.

In general terms, her work is an effort to emphasize natural simplicity, ritual and the sense of the primordial. The artist’s sculptures are of very different nature. It is not marble, stone or wood, the material she used are of a transient nature and over a time, they dissolve in nature.  
What: Two Towers
When: Until March 25 between 11am and 7pm   
Where: Pegasus Art Gallery