Prevent obesity, save your liver

Prevent obesity, save your liver

World Liver Day, April 19A Liver disease is a serious public health issue with the consumption of alcohol becoming a household problem globally....

World Liver Day, April 19A

live2Liver disease is a serious public health issue with the consumption of alcohol becoming a household problem globally. Diseases such as hepatitis are often referred to as 'silent diseases' because liver damage can gradually occur over many years before being discovered, which often happens once the damage is irreparable. Nationally, hepatitis B and C are major causes of liver cancer, liver transplantation and even death".

Obesity now seems to be the main trigger factor for liver disease, as doctors in the city say that with a sedentary lifestyle obesity is on the rise and that this is the main cause of liver disease. With liver transplants bringing in a bill of between Rs 20 to 30 lakh, on World Liver Day Doctors emphasise the need for nipping the problem in the bud so that liver disease can be prevented.With increase of obesity there seems to be a silent epidemic of non-alcoholic fatty liver problem, which gradually leads to severe liver damage.

live3With changing dietary habits and a sedentary lifestyle, more obese people are showing up with fatty liver disease, So we are planning to embark on a research project to establish the link between obesity and fatty liver disease and check the seriousness of the problem in our community said Dr. Raja Prasad. He said that since the cost is so high when it comes to liver transplants, it is of utmost importance that the cause is tackled at the root. Most of the causes which lead to end stage liver disease like alcoholism, obesity or hepatitis are controllable factors. "So it is essential that people are made aware of thetriggers and how to prevent them added the doctor.

The increasing problem of Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) occurs because of diversion of the excess calories to synthesised fat in the liver and the inability of the liver to export the synthesised fat. "Insulin resistance is the primary patho physiology of this disorder. Excess fat in the liver cause's inflammation, a stage called Non Alcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH) which is seen in around 25 per cent of NAFLD patients. Over time this inflammation causes progressive liver damage leading to cirrhosis and liver failure.

The pricy transplant procedures and the expenses incurred for being on immunosuppressant drugs for one's whole life are so high, that doctors insist on the need to tackle the problem at its onset, so that it does not graduate to end stage liver disease. The cost factor is exorbitant in both cadaver liver transplants as well as live transplants, so we always advise tackling the problem at the early stages, said Dr. Raja Prasad.

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