Power juices to boost energy

Power juices to boost energy

Power Juices to Boost Energy, Healthy power juices kick start the day with double the force.

Healthy power juices kick start the day with double the force. Loaded with vitamins, anti oxidants and iron, power juices also reduce time for those who have to rush to work after a short breakfast.
The power juices are easy to make if you have a great juicer at home. Make use of the following recipes to kick start the day even better!
Apple – Pear Cherry Booster
A combo of this vitamin-packed (A, B, C, E) beverage powers your whole body. It even fights aging and wrinkles! The Vitamins A and C add up to the collagen production (for strong bones and younger-looking skin).
Ingredients: Apple, pears, cherries
Calories: 192
Juice up the combination with a spoon of honey and half cup milk for better taste.
Blueberries – Strawberries – Mango
The best juice for that kick of antioxidants! Juice them up with a dash of lemon and spoonful of sugar.
Calories: 151
Lychees – Peaches – Coconut Water
Natural fruit sugars will give you an instant boost, and electrolyte-loaded coconut water helps keep you hydrated.
Ingredients: Lychees in syrup, peaches, coconut water
Calories: 105
Grapes – Oranges – Kiwi
Also called as immune booster, this combo wards off allergies, giving you a jumpstart with Vitamin C
Calories: 156
Oranges – almonds - sweet potato - apple
This is a protein dose recipe. The potassium, protein and electrolytes make your day dazzle with energy levels. This is an ideal juice after a long work out to replenish with nutrients.
Calories: 231
Beets – Carrots – Ginger – Apple
An excellent power juice acts like a detox for the body helping to clean out the digestive tract. Ginger cools the stomach.
Calories: 155
Cucumber – Lemon – Honey
This power juice is excellent fodder for glowing skin and consistent energy levels.
Calories – 112
Try out these magical power juices at home to derive maximum health from fruit and veggies. You can also zing up the taste with extras like yogurt, milk, lot fat cream and chocolate sauce where it tastes good.
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