The event was a social activity done to motivate aspiring talents.

Maspar sponsors the Annual Swimming competition of Friends Club, New Delhi
Maspar sponsors the Annual Swimming competition of Friends Club, New Delhi

NEW DELHI/MUMBAI/BANGALORE: Maspar, India's leading soft home furnishing brand sponsored the recently held Annual swimming competition at the Friends club, a leading social club of New Delhi. The event took place to motivate the sports enthusiasts participating in swimming, followed by a social gathering. Maspar was the main gift sponsor for the event where the brand presented Maspar embossed towels to all the participants.  The event was organized to bring some enjoyment along with healthy competition and entertainment among the peer groups. Friends club is a leading social club that has carved a unique niche in the society over the last twenty years for its various socio-cultural activities. 
The annual swimming competition also saw the presence of senior and veteran members of the club.  
Speaking on occasion, Mr. Pranab Mahajan, Director, Maspar said, “Maspar as a brand tries to contribute to such events to praise aspiring new talents and motivate them to participate in various sports activities. It is our pleasure to sponsor such events and present the talent with our exclusive gifts."
"Since everyone at all age groups appreciates Maspar brand, we always try and support important social events too for active contact with our customers", he further added.  
The event saw a great enthusiasm among participants and gifts by Maspar was well appreciated.  

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