Dreams are telling you something let us know the universal language
Dreams are telling you something let us know the universal language

Dreams are a universal language, often creating elaborate images out of emotional concepts. While everyone experiences emotions, dreams can have different meaning based on our relationship with those feelings. Dreams provide access to you as a person your aspirations, your wishes, your fears, below are few common dreams and what to make of them.
Teeth falling out 
Teeth play a role in identity and self esteem, so losing your teeth mean a fear of losing control, or self doubt. This dream may signify anxiety about self expression. It is frightening to lose your teeth , so there’s anxiety rooted in that.
Falling pregnant 
Starting a business that’s pregnant with possibilities? Thinking about a venture that’ll birth something new? This can mean you’re excited for change or craving intimacy, that you want to create, or things are happening beyond your control. Dreaming you are pregnant can also signify the fear of letting anyone in, especially in relationship.
Being chased 
This isn’t necessarily about the person or thing doing the chasing. Rather it could be about a reluctance to face your fears head on. An expert at interpreting dreams, suggests that if you’re being chased it could be someone is looking for you I R L. It is a warning that you need to be aware of what is going on around you.
Having SEX 
Dreams about sex may be good way to fin introspection about your desires, wants and needs. It can also symbolise the kind of intimate relationship we have with ourselves and others. But sex with an ex? Dreams cloud says this doesn’t necessarily mean you want him back but it can mean you’re accepting the end of the relationship. It can also mean you’re letting go, but taking what you’ve learnt from the experience with you.

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