Let's go 9 for 2019 - 9 goals for 19 is a perfect way to kick start the Year!

Lets go 9 for 2019 - 9 goals for 19 is a perfect way to kick start the Year!

who doesnt think of setting goals for the next year most frequently people think about setting New Years Resolutions The most importnat question that lingers in my brain is do you actually keep your resolutions

Who does'nt think of setting goals for the next year? most frequently people think about setting New Years Resolutions. The most importnat question that lingers in my brain is do you actually keep your resolutions?

chances are that you dont. ( And if you're reading, and you do, the more power to you!)'But people who continually fail resolutions often like the idea of being able to implement new things in their lives regardless. Instead of trying to do everything at the start o fthe year, you should try to spread out your goals throughout the entire year!

hence, 9 for the 2019 year is a perfect way to spread out your goals and resolutions across the entire year.

The main Intention behind the 9 for 19 is to get you out, trying new activities, and pushing you out of your comfort zone for the coming year.

People say they feel like time just races on by, and it certainly feels that way sometimes! By doing the 9 for 2019 list, you're allowing yourself to engage in more purposeful activities that will hopefully help bring you closer to your goals.

While there are no right or wrong items to pick, there are definitely some things to consider when setting up your list.


Remember that your list of activities should be activities that you can easily do within your time in 2019. if flying to another country is likely something that you can't afford, dont worry about putting that on your list for 2019! But consider engaging in activities that you can do in 2019! But consider engaging in activites that you can do in 2019 to help you reach your goal sooner, such as doing a saving money challenge.


The most successful projects happen when you're best able to evenly split your goals across the entire year. Trying to do too many things at the same time will likely lead to burnout, frustration, and giving up earlier.

Not sure how to do this successfully?

majority of your items should include tasks that you can complete in less than a week.


planting a garden

going on a weekend amping trip

going out to lunch with a family member

intend to do 5-7 of these smaller activities in your 9 for 19 , depending on your comfort level.

For mid range tasks that take anywhere between one week and one month, you should make sure that you are'nt filling up every month in your calender with these types of items: like

30 day challenge

longer vacations

For long-term activities, which last anywhere between one month and one year, you'll want to significantly limit the amount of these activites. like

New habits you intend to do daily

taking a class

joining a club

in all, you should plan to do no more than 3 long term activites in your 9 for 2019.

The trick is you want to make sure that your list is sustainable.


Travel is always a big favourite for goal lists. people love to get out and go explore while having amazing adventures. Here are some fun ideas to consider if you'd like to incorporate traveling into your 9 for 2019.


Does it ever feel like you're just constantly seeing the same things in your life over and over again? Or maybe you know you get sick of winter by February! change your scenery and go someplace far, far away!

It does'nt matter whether you drive, fly or hop on a cruise ship, go someplace new and have a vacation.


One of the favourite places that sparks tons of amazing memories of my childhood are where i went to summer camp for eight years as a child. And i was thinking the other day. i havent visited there in over 13 years! That made me feel a little sad. considering it was my favourite place to go every single summer.

So if there is a place you love to go to, and you havent been there in a while, rekindle the magic and go check it out again!


Camping is a lot of fun, full of adventure and you always come back with ton of fascinating stories to tell your friends. If technology is wearing you down and you're ready to reconnect with nature for a while, go camping! it always seems like no matter where you go, you never have to travel far to enjoy a tent,a sleeping bag, and a star- lit sky.

If going to a campground is a little challenge, go camping in your backyard!


Road trips are terrific because you can always find adventure, whether it's 30 minutes from your home or on the other side of the country. Learn more about events and sights close to where you're at, visit a nearby state you've never been to, or meet a faraway friend someplace in the middle.

Road trips are extra amazing over taking an airplane because while it takes longer to get to your destination, you can find more things to do along the way.


People love to envision starting these new, amazing habits for the New Year. Well, it turns outr almost all of the people who will set these goals for their New Years Resolutions will ultimately fail.

Thankfully, while you're using your 9 for 2019 to improve yourself, you dont have to change your new habits on January 1st try sprinkling in new habits and routines across the entire year to help make your 9 for 2019 be more successful.

And, if starting a regular habit is too involved, try to do a new things for just week or month. That way you dont have to try to commit to things you may not enjoy


30 Day challeneges are an amazing idea to try for your 9 for 2019 because they dont require a ton to sacrifice. you get the opportunity to try on a new habit for a month, and then you can determine whether you want to continue doing it or if it's not working out for you.

Not to mention, there are dozens of types of 30-day challenges that you can try! Health, food, fitness, organization-you name it!


Spend 2019 building better relationships, gettung rid of toxic ones, and getting more involved with your communities. here are some great ideas to try for your 9 for 2019.

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