Take severe action against bloodthirsty people

Take severe action against bloodthirsty people

God created human beings and spread their lineage on the surface of earth to love each other and to show affection Although people are divided by...

God created human beings and spread their lineage on the surface of earth to love each other and to show affection. Although people are divided by different religions and beliefs, apart from it, if we scrutinise all the religions that exist, we will come to know that, all religions teach us to love each other and to respect every single individual on the basis of humanity. Unfortunately, there are some people who show themselves as religious, while they have nothing to do with the religion, because they break the principles of religion very fearlessly. They spread hatred and antagonism among people, under the guise of religion, while every religion firmly denounces and condemns it.

Likewise, VHP, Bajrang Dal and BJP are playing a crucial role to spread the hatred between Hindu and Muslims and just because of such people the pleasant atmosphere changed into gloomy. Recently one shameful, gruesome and heart wrenching incident took place in Bulandshahr, UP on Monday, in which a police officer and civilian shot to death and injured several more.

This horrible incident shook every pacifist from within. It was not only a wreck, but pre-planned and preparation had proceeded this attack. Morever this mob violence not only killed the officer Subodh Kumar Singh, who was a part of initial prob into the Akhlaq Ahmed lynching case in Dadri, but by this, they damaged the law and order of the country and they burnt many vehicles of police even police station. If police, who mantain the law and order for the safety of people, are not safe then what about common people? It clearly shows that, on which path our believed country is very rapidly going on? How much fearlessly, perpetrators violating the law!

Om Prakash Rajbhar, Ministers in the Yogi Government and President of the Suheldev Bhartiya Samaj party said, "the incident was a conspiracy by the BJP and its affiliates to instigate a communal riot to polarise voters." More shameful matter is that, people are being killed mercilessly by so called cow vigilants (Gau Rakshak) as it happened earlier and in Bulandshahr now. Apart from it, perpetrators of such crimes are still roaming free.

Yogi Adityanath gave a statement about it and only he talked about to give punishment to those who slaughtered the cows, I agree with it that, they should be punished, but I regret to say that, he did not speak about the officer who was killed during his duty of maintaining the law and order. It means he and BJP know the value of cow and they respect it a lot, but neither they know the value of human beings nor they respect them. For them, cow is more respectful than human being. How long BJP will work on the politics of hatred to polarised the voters. Most pressing need of time is that, there must be taken a severe and exemplary action against bloodthirsty people, so that this sort of heinous and outrageous crime is never done again.

- Md Saquib Anwar, Mumbai

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