Even as the general elections to the Lok Sabha and the State assemblies are round the corner, it seems to be a million dollar question whether the BJP and Modi could again make a comeback after 2019 elections. There is a dichotomy of opinion among the voters with regard to the overall performance displayed by the present government which did more good than harm to the people of the nation. 

A major section of people opine that the present government under Modi has done an excellent job than the previous Congress government that was in power since 2004 to 2014 long for the former's come back after 2019. Whereas another section of public who feel that they are not in any way benefited during the first term of the ruling government is driven by disenchantment and dissent to re-elect the latter to power. Now, there is utmost need on the part of the electorate to introspect the good and the bad of the government before deciding their electoral choice in the 2019 hustings that are set hardly to take place in another four months’ time. 

It may be recalled that the voters were disenchanted with the two term rule of the UPA Govt. before 2014 and hence wanted a change of democratic governance, as the socio-economic and political situation at that time was entrenched in quagmire and chaos and was virtually set for a total redemption that could have been only possible at the cost of throwing out congress and alternatively replace it with the BJP under the one and the only one choice of leadership provided by Modi. 

The choice of the BJP as an alternative to congress in 2014 was possible on an unilateral and unanimous basis of "Modi factor" that seemed preferable mainly due to the Gujarat model development and a favourable support extended for Modi's leadership by the United States itself in all eventuality.  

At the outset, Modi's leadership as the Prime Minister of a politically and economically distraught India was hailed as the best of its kind in the world's view and there was a general apprehension that the nation would emerge as an outstanding one with a multidimensional progress. However, under the dynamic leadership of Modi, the nation has progressed on all fronts. The agenda of reforms initiated during Modi's regime included clean and green drive of Swachha Bharat Abhiyan followed by undoing of setback sustained by the nation under the previous regime.

Modi has lived up to the expectations of the people by ushering the nation into a most cherished one with a greater emphasis laid towards promoting good governance and discipline among the official staff besides attracting huge foreign investments from NRIs and other nations for setting up an umpteen number of projects in the country. Under the dynamic leadership of Modi, the nation has witnessed a remarkable progress on various fronts. 

This notwithstanding, there has been a far- reaching economic growth and stability due to initiation of several welfare schemes to ameliorate the conditions of women, children and the poor. There has been laudable anti-corruption drive following the introduction of demonetisation and digitisation of economy which though have caused an undue public inconvenience in the initial stage, they have stood as major economic reforms to put down terrorism and financial irregularities that have been existing all across clandestinely. 

However, coming to the political well-being of the nation, there has always been an endless tug of war in the country between the ruling and the opposition parties. There has never been a compromise and settlement between the party in power and the opposition parties which are seen to indulge in continual tirades and mudslinging one against the other on each and every issue.  

For instance, there has been a commotion in the Parliament over the issue of Rafale deal wherein the BJP is alleged to have passed the bucks to Ambanis in the purchase of Rafale war planes from France. Similar are the allegations made against the ruling government during whose reign the multi-crore scandals were alleged to have taken place in connivance with the much- wanted fraudsters like Vijay Mallya and Nirav Modi in the recent years. 

It is unfortunate for the otherwise good governance being provided by the Modi government that there have been political dissensions and misapprehensions prevailing among several other political parties and their leaders who are currently on the job of aligning up together to fight against the former in tooth and nail only with the intention to dethrone the same from power and put an end to what they call the dictatorial and draconian rule that has been existing in the country under the dispensation of Modi. 

 - Bh. Indu Sekhar, Hyderabad

Congress should be included in UP alliance

The SP, BSP, & RLD alliance in the key state of UP, ahead of 2019 polls, is certainly a formidable one and a winning combination, as the Khaira by-election results have proved, but keeping the resurgent  INC out of alliance, would be a biggest political blunder on the part of the so called strategists of Grand alliance  in UP.  (Bumpy ride ahead for BJP, The Hans India, 12 Jan). 

Because, the political graph of  Rahul- led Congress is on the rise undoubtedly, and the people of India are slowly and  steadily , reverting to the "theory of lesser evil".  Against this background, the solo act by Bua- Bhatija would be good news to the mighty BJP and the mission 2019 of Grand alliance would be impossible without the Rahul Gandhi . Therefore, it is in the larger interest of people and the anti-BJP forces, that the successful experiment of Khaira by-election ,should be carried forward to vanquish the BJP.

 - P H Hema Sagar, Secunderabad

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