Politics needs thorough cleansing

It is with reference to the recent political developments both at State and the national levels. It is ridiculous to see that politicians of all hues are resorting to personal attacks aiming at pocketing votes in the ensuing Lok Sabha elections. It is quite alarming and putting the public at extreme perplexity and in helpless condition. Politicians who hold democratic positions like Chief Ministers and even Prime Minister are doing the same thing.

In Andhra Pradesh, the situation is worst. The government is blaming others, levelling personal charges and forgetting its primary responsibility. At the same time, the Central government too is following the same and commenting on personal matters of State politicians and leaders. is it fair? Does it serve anything good to the public? Why these leaders personalise politics? Don’t they have any other policy? Aren’t we one nation or is it States Vs Central government tug of war? Whom should the people believe? Why comments are focused on wealth mobilisation of leaders? Are you in private positions or public positions? Who needs your private lives? Public need only your integrity, honesty, good and clean governance with accountability.

Are you sure that public are provided of all these? If provided, why do you worry and blame one another? Why are you in all public meetings focusing on trivial matters? Why are you glorifying welfare schemes? Is it not your responsibility to provide all these social securities to public? Are you distributing your private money or public money in the name of welfare schemes? If it is public money, why propaganda? The basic issues and problems are completely neglected simply by badmouthing about the rival politicians’ personal lives and making them helpless.

If this goes on, the nation and its fate would be at great danger. It is high time all political parties and leaders learn to see the nation from the public point of view. Political leaders should work and plan for the nation and provide absolute clean governance, bring in more accountability and civil discipline. This personal vendetta and mudslinging will ruin both the nation and the public as well.

A Madhusudhan, Postal Colony, Tirupati, AP

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