Creation of NEW Tamil Nadu from the politics to ‘No God’ to sacred Pro God

Creation of NEW Tamil Nadu from the politics to ‘No God’ to sacred Pro God

The much awaited news has come that the Super Star is entering into state politics and would contest state election from own party.   Many people in...

The much awaited news has come that the Super Star is entering into state politics and would contest state election from own party. Many people in the state feels that no big New Year gift that they can have than the entry of Super Star into state politics.

The sacred message of the sacred Super Star has come at the right time. Tamil Nadu politics has started from No God slogan to Tamil patriotism and Tamilfication of everything in the state starting from name of the movie to shops to even the indicator stones in our highways. Unfortunately the patriots have failed to put a filter above the state so that even the air and rain water that enters the land are also made to pass through Tamil filter. It was claimed that the biggest development indices of the state is the large number of educational institutions. Certainly the state has large number of private educational institutions but what about the quality?

After the demise of Amma, the state has been suffering a deep vacuum and was yawning for not a leader but a savior for the state. People were expecting the savior to be not a politician, not a person who would promise to bring heaven to people or a person having Cambridge or Harvard university doctoral degree in how to loot the state technically. They were expecting the savior as a person whom people can treat and worship equal to God. The person should be as pure as crystal and as true as Grecian Urn, described by the famous poet John Keats.

Super Star is always known to speak his heart and would never put up an artificial image. He may be one among or the only actor on earth who love to appear in public without the help of purchased beauty. He always lives with simple garb, present simple and plane smile to people around.

The message he conveyed on the day of his entry into state politics must be preserved in world class museum for the posterity to learn. It is not his intention he has made it clear, but his commitment, sense of duty, urgency and inborn responsibility to people of the state that is what he spoke about.

He always recollects in public that how the people of the state have made him Super Star from the humble beginning of a bus conductor. He openly admits to people that whatever he has today are given to him by people of the state. It was his re-birth in the state and the people of the state are his real parents, guardians and makers.

He further re-iterates that his journey would to a spiritual one, it means he is not entering into politics to earn money or to get power but wants to save the state from the satanic force called corruption. Only a savoir alone can admit so openly that if he fails to live up to his promises would quit /relinquish the power.

The anti-God politics stated by Drawidian movement has miserably failed because they have replaced God and implanted corruption and caste-ism in the state. Already majority of people have started to walk towards the near by temples to seek blessings of God to save them. It looks like all their prayers have been answered and God himself has agreed to lead the state to safety in the form of Super Star.

People of the state should not reduce the entry of Super Star to state politics as launch of a new leader or a new political party. It should be seen as the arrival of a savior to save the state. If every one in the state barring their political affiliation offers unconditional support to Super Star, the state will certainly become the eternal city like Singapore or Hong Kong.

Some people call him not a Tamilan, and some even call him illiterate. The elite groups have never spared even Jesus and Gandhiji from abusing.

A true savior has no caste, religion, nativity, language or doctoral degree in economics or any other subject but instead they will have honesty, love, vision and passion to work for the people and develop the state.

Super Star is indeed a savior and certainly he can save the sate from the linguistic patriotism centric Dravidian rule and take to state to a path free of corruption, scam, dynasty and nepotism.

People of the state have already elected him as Chief Minister of the state but let us wait for the constitutional formalities, whenever it happens!

Dr S Ranganathan

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