Super Star Rajini Kanth
Super Star Rajini Kanth

The short speech of the Super Star Ranji has proved to the nation that he is the real Super Star not only in tinsel screen but in Indian politics as well.  Rajni spoke as true Tamil lover and true statesman.  

The drawidian parties over the decades have ruined the state in the name of Tamil nationalism and Tamil superior-ism.  As a result of the above drawidian politics over decades, the state is struggling to escape from the claws of dynasty and family based rule.   

When most politicians invoke the greatness of Tamil language and regional chauvinism,   Ranji for the first time spoke to the people of the state that the Tamil language and culture will survive only if those who speak the language does well in life.  

Therefore need of the hour is development of the state and welfare of the people.  English is the language of the day and therefore students must give importance to learn English to find more job opportunities globally.   

It is not the blind courage, true conviction for the Tamil cause and true statesman spirit Ranji has displayed in his maiden speech to students.

He also stated unambiguously that people from different walks of life including cine actors enters politics only due to the utter failure of our political class who have gone selfishly corrupt.  In fact Rajani also has clearly touched upon the principle and philosophy of his governance and that would be the re-construction of late MGR rule.   

People of Tamil Nadu must note down the goldern words of Rajni for why he had delayed his entry into state politics.  The great leader like Amma is no more and Kalaignar Karunanidhi is not active in politics due to his age and illness.  This has created great vacuum in Tamil Nadu politics and as a result of that the dynasty from one end and the family at other end are trying pull the Tamil Nadu politics to fix the last nail in the coffin of corruption free politics.  

Youths of Tamil Nadu must recognize the above truth that those who have already celebrated their 64th birth day are likely to appear before the youths like icon of youth.  The big question is whether the youths of the state are going to accept such aged youth icon to rule the state or the youths are going to support Rajni, the leader with simple and sophisticated language, words full of wisdom and truth, speech with absolute clarity, clear vision, emotion, full of trueness and statesmanship.  

The next state election should not be reduced as fight between Rajni and Kamal but must be seen as fight between age old rotten drawidian politics revolving around Tamil language superiority and honest people like Kamal and Ranji who represent the sentiments, aspirations, fortune, future, desire and dream of people of the state.  

To put an end to the dynasty and family politics, people of the state must start to revolve around Kamal and Rajni and only then the milky way of the present day politics can be changed.  

Certainly Rajni will not be corrupt and will not bend the governance either to promote his family or develop dynastic rule.   Ranji represents hard work, humble beginning therefore he knows the struggle and toil of common man better than the dynast.  He rose to stardom status of Super Star through hard work and merit.  Therefore Ranji should not be seen as someone who got everything on platter like those dynast who has inherited the power and treasury of the party from father.  

Those who love Tamil language and the state must remember that people must find greater opportunities to grow and develop and only then the state and the Tamil language would develop.   People should not go gullible to those age old politicians by keep listening to the drawidian rhetoric revolving around language superiority but must break the shell made by the long drawidian rule to build NEW TAMIL NADU.  Hope Rajni will show the path and light for the people to march ahead.