TRS govt failures stoking Maoist resurgence

TRS govt failures stoking Maoist resurgence

Repression unleashed by the State government against naxals is the main reason for the revival of Maoist activities in Telangana State.

From the present style of functioning of the TRS government, it is clear that the State government does not appear to be in a mood to address the reasons for spurt in Maoist activity. The steady growth of extremism may open doors to another round of ‘peace talks’ between the government and the naxal organisations before the 2019 General Elections in the State and the talks will assume greater significance in all political party poll agendas, says Professor G Haragopal in an interview to Patan Afzal Babu

What is the reason for the sudden rise of Maoist activities in Telangana State and who is responsible for the present state of affairs?

Repression unleashed by the State government against naxals is the main reason for the revival of Maoist activities in Telangana State. The recent combing operations, intensified police movements in the sensitive areas and the harassment of naxal sympathisers are the flashpoints for triggering Maoist resurgence in Telangana in the recent times . The TRS boasted that the Maoist agenda is its agenda before the bifurcation of the state. After coming to power, the ruling party took a U-turn.

Why are the naxals eager to revive their activities and strengthen their organisation in Telangana and where did the government fail?

The Maoist agenda is the elimination of poverty. Practically, the TRS government has failed to achieve the desirable goals towards realising the dream of ‘Bangaru Telangana’ as announced by the TRS immediately after coming to power. This was one of the main driving forces behind the youth tilting towards extremism in Telangana. To show their presence, Maoists have taken six TRS leaders hostage in Khammam. It was a clear indication that the extremists will take on the government if it fails to fulfil the aspirations of people in near future.

Social organisations say that the government has failed to live up to the aspirations of the people and continues to have feudal mindset and this is leading to unrest. Do you agree with it?

People thought if Telangana State was formed it would be rid of rulers with ‘feudal ’ mindset that was witnessed in the united AP. But after the formation of the Telangana State, the function of the governments and the administration is akin to that of the previous dispensations run by the ‘settlers’ in Telangana. There is no change in governance and the aspirations of people remain shattered during the last 18 months.

What will happen if the naxal activity increases in the coming days in the State. Who will be the biggest sufferer?

Another important factor for the revival of naxal activity in Telangana is the increased police brutality against women, poor and dalit segments. The core ideology of the naxalism was to counter the state-sponsored violence. Unless the government stops the harassment of marginalised sections, naxals will not sit quiet.

In the present circumstances, is there any need or possibility of resumption of peace talks between naxals and government?

In 2004 elections, the issue of peace talks has been included in the Congress election manifesto and the then Chief Minister Y S Rajasekhara Reddy fulfilled it. At present, the style of functioning of the Chief Minister K Chandrashekar Rao’s government gives an impression that it is determined to take on the naxals instead of addressing the basic issues raised by the extremist organisations. The issue of peace talks between government and naxal bodies will be one of the main political agendas in 2019 election.

What is your advice to the government to contain the growing incidence of Maosim in the Telangana State?

The only suggestion from my side is to enforce rule of law strictly and provide protection to the weaker communities from police harassment. The organisations and opposition fight in a democratic manner over people’s issues. Find a solution and also give space to express their resentment over the government’s failure in addressing the people’s issues.

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