Why Kotha Prabhakar, not G Devi Prasad Rao for Medak by-election?

Amidst much hope and conjecture, the TRS Party have offered the ticket to Kotta Prabhakar Reddy for Medak by-election. It is inane to say that Medak Lok Sabha bi-election is in the eyes of every political party in Telangana state. The seat that fell vacant with the resignation of K Chandra Sekhar Rao, the Chief Minister of Telangana, is all set to go for a by poll on September 13.

Also, without any doubt TRS is the sweltering choice of the candidates who aspire to contest in the by-election. The main contenders for the TRS Party ticket were G Devi Prasad Rao, chairman of the Telangana Non-Gazetted Officers Association (TNGO), and Kotha Prabhakar Reddy, the Sony Travels’ owner and rich elite with assets worth more than Rs 1,000cr.

The ultimate choice of the top brass of TRS Party was Kotha Prabhakar. The question that arises in everyone’s mind is why Kotha Prabhakar was chosen while keeping Deviprasad away. The following are the most probable reasons, according to political analysts:

  • Any candidate contesting the polls in a present day setting cannot alone depend on the party ticket, but needs to spend a huge sum of money towards the election campaigning. Deviprasad, a mere government employee cannot be expected to undertake the same while for the rich echelon like Kotha Prabhakar it is not at all a weigh down.
  • If the buzz is to be believed Kotha Prabhakar has lobbied for the ticket and offered a huge sum to the party’s fund in return to the party’s ticket. WIs there any party that does not require party fund for its survival?
  • As opined by the Chief Minister KCR himself, the services of Deviprasad were required in the state. So, offering MLC to Deviprasad would serve many veiled purposes, apart from satisfying the leader of NGOs.
  • The case of Karne Prabhakar who could not get the MLA ticket but was made an MLC, subsequently, is a good evidence of thought process that takes place in TRS Party.
  • There was no reported opposition for the candidature of Kotha from the leaders of Medak district.

All these reasons collectively made Kotha Prabhakar the eventual choice of the TRS Party!

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