Article on Summer vacation activities for kids

Article on Summer vacation activities for kids

Summer vacations has arrived. So what are the plans for this summer? How you want your children to spend their summer?

Summer vacations has arrived. So what are the plans for this summer? How you want your children to spend their summer? They love to go outdoors and play sports. Yes that is very good and best activity to encourage their physical fitness. Some children love to play indoors. There are some activities which will help to hone their skills and make them a better person while they are indoors.

1. Topic discussion:

You can choose any topic of their choice and discuss and ask various questions. This will encourage them to think and come up with various inferences and thoughts. For example, you can choose the topic of cricket and discuss on IPL, how the sport has grown in these years? and ,etc. You could also allot some time for brainstorming about any idea or subject of common interest. This will also help them when they will answer comprehension type exercises. Also story telling works well which would improve their listening skills.

2. Knitting or cross stitch:

This activity not only aims in designing attractive and colourful sweaters and clothes but also builds mathematical ability and imparts patience and analytical thinking.

3. Art:

Painting and colouring too gives them patience. Through this they will be able to do their science journal or engineering drawing efficiently.

4. Story writing:

Ask your little one to think and write on any topic. You could also give them any topic and ask them to develop a story or plot. This will increase their imagination and power of visualising things. Also their vocabulary and grammar gets an upliftment.

5. Music:

Music touches the soul and children have the ability to learn music or musical instruments at a rapid pace. A daily dose of classical or western music will pose as a wonderment to develop an interest in it.

6. Lateral thinking:

you could ask questions on Lateral thinking and see how they answer. This out of ordinary thinking will give them a helping hand when they are writing some competitive exams.

So if you think your children is not going out to play. Don’t fret so much. Instead try implementing these activities which would improve their brains and thinking power. Remember, the television and video games won’t help much in educating them but only makes them inactive. By implementing this format, children get to spend undivided attention towards their family.

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