Dolotsavam at Srikurmanatha temple from today

Dolotsavam at Srikurmanatha temple from today

Ramesh Babu Srikakulam: Dolotsavam at the Srikurmanatha pilgrim centre in the district will be celebrated from Monday. The deity, Lord Vishnu is...

Ramesh Babu do2Srikakulam: Dolotsavam at the Srikurmanatha pilgrim centre in the district will be celebrated from Monday. The deity, Lord Vishnu is being worshipped here in the form of a tortoise (Kurmam), the second incarnation among the Dasavatars. It is the only centre which has two flag posts.A The three-day festival will include Kamadahanam, Padiyam (bathing in the sea) and Dolotsavam to be attended by lakhs of devotees. The temple is one of the most ancient temples in the district. It is mentioned in the most venerated manner in the Padma Purana, one of the Ashtadasha Puranas of Veda Vyasa, under the titles Kurmakshetra Vaibhavam, Swethagiri Vaibhavam and Durvasa Theertham. The temple is unique in that it has two flag posts (Dwajastambham) and also 108 black stone pillars, not one resembling the other. Lord Vishnu is facing the West in the form of Srikurma. Kings of several dynasties like Chola, Eastern Kalinga, Gangarajulu, Uthkala and Ananda Gajapatis of Vizianagaram, glorified the temple. Every year starting from Phalguna Suddha Trayodasi a three-day Dolotsavam is celebrated. On Monday, the first day of the festivities, Kamadahanam is performed. The idols of the deities are taken out in a procession with fanfare to the Kamadahana Mandapam on the village outskirts. A dry palm of a coconut tree is placed upright, special pujas and homams are conducted and then it is burnt. On Tuesday the devotees bathe in the sea and also in the Swethapushkarini before having darshan of the Lord. There are Ashtatheerthas in the temple that were consecrated with the chanting of the Ashtakshari manthram. They are Naradagundam, Sudhagundam, Chakratheertham, Madhavagundam, Kautilya Theertam, Vakrateertham, Narasimha Patalam and Mahodari (Southern Sea). It is said in the Puranas that devotees who bathe in these eight Theerthams and then worship the Lord will be granted salvation. A On Wednesday, for Dolotsavam, the idols of Goddesses Sridevi and Bhoodevi along with Lord Govindarajulu will be taken out in a procession and later they will be swung in cradles in the Dolamandapam. The deity is then placed facing the north. Later, special pujas are performed in the name of temple trustees, Vizianagaram Pusapati Gajapati kings. A Chief Executive Officer of the temple Prasad Patnaik said that elaborate arrangements have been made for the festival for the convenience of the lakhs of pilgrim who are expected to visit. Tight security near the queue lines with the help of police has been arranged. Drinking water and first aid are available. He said that special bus services have been arranged from the city on the occasion.
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