As Meethi as can be

As Meethi as can be

Tina Dutta, who has played the role of an elderly lady with a grown up daughter in Uttaran, is a timid, shy person in real life Tanuja M Tina...

Tina Dutta, who has played the role of an elderly lady with a grown up daughter in Uttaran, is a timid, shy person in real life Tanuja M Tina Dutta, who currently plays Meethi in the telly show Uttaran, says she has been missing the character of Iccha with which she started the show. Iccha was shown as having died on the show more than a month back and currently Tina plays the role of Iccha's daughter Meethi who looks like her mother. This means that Tina who had to don both the mature look as well as the youngish look. Says Tina, "I miss the character Iccha a lot but at the same time I am happy that I started and ended that role. There were rumours of me getting replaced, but then they were just that � rumours! Even now once in a while people other than those who matter talk about my replacement but nothing happened. I have now started taking this with a pinch of salt, it is part and parcel of life as an actor."
Tina who says that she relates more to Meethi reveals how both the characters that she has played are different from each other, "Iccha was very serious and mature right from childhood whereas Meethi is totally opposite � she is innocent and bubbly." The way she speaks and with the maturity that she talks, no one would think she is just 21 years old in real life, "But it is true that I am just 21. I had given my Class XII exams when I joined the Uttaran cast four years back. Even my results were not out and when I got 92% my father was very keen that I pursue studies as I come from a very educated family background. However, with the hectic schedules I could not do so and I have still not completed my graduation which is one of the biggest regrets of my life." Tina who stays in Mumbai with her mother is quite happy with her life otherwise and wants to focus on her career at present, "I am at the peak of my career and I want to earn money and enjoy life. So there is no time for me to have a boyfriend or getting married. I don't even want to think of a relationship for the next 2-3 years at least and want to stay single till then." Her focused attitude and reserved nature too seems to be getting her into trouble sometimes, "I immediately don't talk to all and sundry and that makes people think that I am proud and have a major attitude. Later the same person comes and tells me that you are so different. In the meantime many think I don't get along with all on the sets. Once I am friends with someone, I can give my life for them. On the sets too I get along with everyone especially Rashmi Desai who plays Tapasya in the show. I am very naughty and we all have a gala time shooting for Uttaran."
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