Do kids need milk?

Do kids need milk?

Yes...when their own mother produces it. No…when the cow produces it. Milk is food for growth, which every mammal produces for her young. When it’s...

Yes...when their own mother produces it. No…when the cow produces it. Milk is food for growth, which every mammal produces for her young. When it’s not needed, Nature automatically stops its production. Humans are the only species that consume another mammal’s milk lifelong. Cows are manipulated in various ways and treated as mere milk machines.

They are artificially inseminated, their babies are taken away from them so all their milk can be sold and they are often injected with hormones to force them to produce more milk. Cows are also routinely given antibiotics to deal with injuries to udders due to the milk machines. Toxins from the plastic and other garbage that cows consume also affect the quality of her milk.

So what will happen if your child doesn’t have milk and milk products?

Freedom from hormonal issues
Milk, being the natural secretion of a female mammal, is full of hormones. This affects our own hormonal balance causing various hormonal issues that we see today – obesity, hypothyroid, PCOD, prostate enlargement, infertility, menstrual problems, breast cancer, ovarian cancer, prostate cancer. Avoiding dairy will keep your children free from these.

No saturated fats and cholesterol
All animal products contain fat and cholesterol. Milk is an animal product and has both. Fatty deposits in arteries can begin in childhood, leading to heart issues at an early age. Childhood obesity can also be prevented by avoiding milk.

Will get enough calcium
Our body is alkaline. High protein foods such as dairy are acid yeilding in our body. These acids must be neutralised by leaching calcium from the bones. Countries with the highest per capita consumption of dairy have the highest rates of osteoporosis. Greens, beans and sesame seeds more than enough calcium for our needs. After all, the cow too gets the calcium from plants!

Higher IQ
Studies suggest that children who stay off animal products have a 5 point higher IQ than those who consume animals and animal products. George Bernard Shaw stated ‘A mind of the calibre of mine cannot drive its nutrients from cows’ while Benjamin Franklin stated that an animal- free diet resulted in greater clearness of head and quicker comprehension

Have a more variety in their diets
Since all dairy and dairy products have alternatives, your child can have milk, butter, cheese, ice-cream, cakes, cookies and more made from plant based foods.

Feel More Compassion
Since a vegan diet is also based upon compassion, you will be raising children who are caring, patient and aware..

Active & Energetic
Our bodies are not designed to digest another mammal’s milk, and it takes a lot of energy to digest it. When we avoid milk, we conserve energy.

Healthier & Happier
Vegan children get far better nutrition since they avoid the detrimental saturated fats and cholesterol. Also cows go through immense stress when forced to produce milk, and these stress hormones in milk affect us as well. Children who are off dairy are healthier and happier too.

Lesser doctor visits
The common cold and cough in children is mainly caused by consumption of dairy products as milk forms mucus.

No food allergies
Cow’s milk is second to eggs as the cause of allergies in children.

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