Knowing our spiritual spaces

Knowing our spiritual spaces

A spiritual space could be defined as the sense of oneness with this world; an urge to know the purpose of our existence; a willingness to be better...

What is a spiritual space?
A spiritual space could be defined as the sense of oneness with this world; an urge to know the purpose of our existence; a willingness to be better in everything that we think and do as a human being. A person who progresses spiritually no more sees himself or herself just about individually but as one with the world; one having an impact in this world for everything which he does.

Does every individual have it within him or her?
Of course, each one of us has that encoded place within us which helps us define our individual identities. We start the journey of knowing ourselves better and move towards being better day by day. Once we tend to improve that is when we find, we need to learn more and more about our inner space or spiritual space. The best part about that space is that it grows as we start knowing about it.

If you see science as a project of progression you will find that every time we have discovered and found some new information in this world we also found that there is much more to be discovered which we do not know still about this universe.

Whether it is space, land, water or sky; it seems that this journey of knowledge is never ending and more interesting. Same is the case with this spiritual journey; once we know about it a little bit we enjoy knowing it and want to know more and we also find there is much more to know.

Is there a way to know about our spiritual space within?
We could start to experience the spiritual space while we are in silence or in our own company or meditating or one with nature. These four bring us to our knowledge of our spiritual space.

Does it really matter to fill that space or keep it empty?
If space is filling up with our knowledge, some more space would be created; which means that there is more scope for us to evolve as a person in our spiritual space. The motivation of filling up this space helps a person to grow in thoughts become better human being day by day.

What is the connection of spirituality with humanity?
A spiritual person will always be a good human being first. A good human being will always find ways to help and be of help for other human beings and humanity as a whole.

When innocent children suffer, does it really matter whose children they are?
If we are not good human beings we can’t find our spiritual spaces.

Now you will ask me how a good human being looks like. What qualities will he fathom?
Well, a human mind with care and compassion for all regardless of the position, money, relation, events and who wants to give back to this world not just by gaining but by giving; who is grateful for every bit around him. Who is happy being just a human being to help others without a motive of fame and credit of doing it for others.

Why is Spirituality so vast by definition and difficult to understand?
Spirituality as a word is really very wide and the spirituality as a subject has been seen with different minds, intentions, reflections, resurrections, renunciation, evolving hearts, vibrating silences, and the list is just endless. Every angle of the explanation is equally divine and eminent not just the definition when you really try and understand it. But the point is they are only replicas of those who tried and filled up their spiritual spaces.

How can we find that we are filling up our spiritual space?
There is no rule which works for all. What is your way will be found when you sit in silence or work on your inner being? That makes a person a better human being than what he was yesterday and his behaviour, will give out the apparent change in him and others can start experiencing him differently. This becomes that point when the person starts feeling more peaceful and happy from within too.

The spiritual space will start filling up with great and illustrious changes. A distinguished and remarkable willingness will emerge in the person to know more and more about that space, growth as a better human being is effortless and he will be closer to the whole universe to experience life in its complete vastness. A long lasting impression is not which is made; a long lasting impression is one which is felt.

When you start enjoying this process of getting better you are on your path to fill up the best place within you “Your Spiritual Space”.

“Life is all about how you see and perceive it to be for yourself because your spiritual Space is just your business. Make the beginning

By: Shachi Maheshwari

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