Revive your decor this season

Revive your decor this season

In India, summer is one of the extended seasons, with the temperature soaring upto 50 degree celcius in several parts of the country. It is a good...

In India, summer is one of the extended seasons, with the temperature soaring upto 50 degree celcius in several parts of the country. It is a good idea to redo your home by incorporating a few elements of summer season. Home décor is a way to express one’s personality. This summer, cooling interior palettes along with casual elements are trending over formal interiors.

Today, people’s lives are busier than ever, they spend more time in their work place as compared to their homes. Hence, it is important that one's home gives a feeling of peace coupled with comfort. Homes should also help one rejuvenate and refresh to face the challenges of a constantly demanding life. Using warm shades like pale tans, dull gold and faded yellow along with neutral colours can help in making the ambience soothing and relaxing.

Tropical Joy:
The beauty of diversity is best expressed in nature. The traditional floral design approach opens up and merges with an opulent tropical pattern in super natural collaborations and as giant digital flower prints. Plants, flowers and different elements of nature help you relax and rejuvinate after a stressful day.

Research shows that experiencing nature, even in the form of nature prints, reduces strain and contributes to emotional and physical wellbeing. Our senses are constantly stimulated by the presence of plants. The tropical trend recognises the sheer potential of nature. Today, people prefer being close to nature in an urban jungle which can be accomplished by incorporating nature in your home.

Colours like lime green, light blue, sunny yellows, etc, can give your home a natural hue. Exotic eco-friendly materials like bamboo, hemp and jute rugs, bring a feeling of nature inside your home. Various red tones from peach to raspberry to violet can be combined with blues, surrounded by strong tropical greens and lime yellow for your flowers. Patterns in ombre and tie dyes can work well with bright colours for bed sheets, napkins, towels, curtains and quilts.

Ethnic Treasure:
After years of rapid globalisation, many people feel the importance of local roots, as a source of personal power and tradition. The desire to be rooted can be expressed through ethnic designs. Ethnic designs are in focus all around the world as a unifying global trend. India as a country with strong creative traditions and with a variety of handicrafts from dyeing, weaving, quilting, printing to wood carvings, basketry craft and metal works.

One can use pastel coloured wallpapers, dye cotton fabrics in bright and summery colours. This will make your home look fresh. A range of blues with indigo and warm red with orange and aubergine can enhance the colour combinations.

Classical Trail:
The classic trend is an expression of one’s need for balance and harmony. In today’s modern lifestyle, the interpretation of the ‘classic trend’, as we see it, has become somewhat subtle. A hint of nature is fused into textures which reinvent the beauty of classical themes with sophistication. Geology is a source of inspiration here. Appealing landscapes, curves on sand, rocks and mineral formations inspire the patterns of carpets, wallpapers and upholstery fabrics. New tangible sensations enrich the interiors.

Pastel coloured wallpapers, furnishing fabrics like sofa covers, bedsheets, etc, paintings of waterfalls, mountains, oceans, forests and other natural elements is another great idea. Using a combination warm shades close to beige and brown with white can make your home look very sophisticated. Adding some deep colours combined with white can also give a classy yet uplifting look to your home. Ornaments, marble structures, glossy materials, can be included under this theme.

A person looks forward to coming home after a hard day's work. Hence, it is essential that the place is not only vibrant but also comfortable. It is delightful for you to renovate your house from time to time and to be abreast with the new decor trends. Every home is an expression of the individual's personality. Keeping the trends in mind, one can add a lot of fresh elements which suit their own taste and aesthetics.

By: Arun Roongta, managing director, HGH India

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