Turn your home into abode of spirituality

Turn your home into abode of spirituality

You may often think of just embarking on a break from your mundane life and hectic schedule and set off on a spiritual sojourn to recharge your...

You may often think of just embarking on a break from your mundane life and hectic schedule and set off on a spiritual sojourn to recharge your batteries and boost your spirit. But what if you could experience that sense of tranquillity and calm each day in your own home? Wouldn’t that be a treat for your senses?

We can indeed turn our homes into spiritual havens, even in the midst of city madness and congestion. But the question that arises is how? Here’s a look at ways in which we can turn our homes into spiritual abodes which can revive our spirit and rejuvenate us every single day!

Create clutter-free spaces
The environment people live in plays a key role in influencing their mood and health. According to a Chinese proverb, a cluttered space equals a cluttered mind. Therefore, the first step to take when looking to give your home a spiritual upgrade is to get rid of unwanted or unused objects. Clutter creates unnecessary distractions for your mind and prevents you from feeling composed at the end of the day. Too many contradictory elements in the home can cause distraction too.

For instance, printed sheer curtains and printed drapes together can create too busy a look for your room. If the drapes are in a printed fabric, then use transparent sheer curtains in a single colour. If you’re planning to add a pattern to your room, do so by opting for a textured wall or using designer wallpaper, however, do not overdo the wall by adding heavy photo frames on top of the patterned finish. A spacious room is the representation of a clear mind; so, choose a balanced, minimal theme for your house with only a few statement objects and accents.

Soothing & relaxing colours
Colours do have spiritual associations and they can play a key role in enhancing certain moods and emotions. Before finalising a particular colour scheme for your home, do adequate research on how a colour will impact your mood and behaviour or help to enhance the serenity of the space. Skip loud and bright colours like orange, red and purple for painting entire walls. Instead, add such colours in small amounts in accent pieces or soft furnishings such as cushions or throw blankets. For the majority of your home, look for rich hues and soft pastels that can lend a calming feeling and promote spirituality and tranquillity in the overall ambience of your abode.

Spiritual elements
Spirituality need not necessarily mean placing religious idols at home. Spiritual elements can mean a number of different things to different people. For some, placing a Buddha statue in a prominent spot can bring positive vibes in the home, while for others, poetry printed on canvas and hung as wall pieces can promote a sense of rhythm and peace. Look for art pieces, statues or planters that you can relate to and that offer you a sense of calmness, and place them strategically to maximise their tranquil effect.

Bring nature indoors with a variety of houseplants. Plants not only sit pretty in the home but they also purify the air and aid spiritual growth. For instance, certain plants like holy basil, peace lily or bamboo are said to help get rid of negative energy indoors, and improve the flow of positive energy into space, thus offering a sense of well-being every day.

Make a corner for ‘me’ time
Ensure there is a room or a small corner of your room that can be used as your Zen zone. This little corner can be converted into a reading room or your meditation spot or just your nap zone. This should be a place where you feel most comfortable and relaxed – a special corner that is quiet and capable of refreshing your mind and body after you spend just a few moments here.

By: Mikita Laad Gupta, Senior Designer, Bonito Designs

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