Freshen up your home with beautiful ceiling inspirations
Freshen up your home with beautiful ceiling inspirations

When it comes to decorating your rooms or revamping your house, do you always think in terms of the walls or bringing in new furniture? Have you considered doing up the ceiling of your rooms too? Probably not. Oft-neglected, ceilings can truly jazz up any place and add that extra quotient of ‘wow’ into your home.  

The ceiling, also known as the fifth wall, plays an important role in home décor, if done right. Be it for the living room, the bathroom or the bedroom, you can choose from numerous patterns and designs and upgrade your dull and boring ceiling into an artfully embellished one, giving the room a unique and individual character. Here are some interesting ways you can play with patterns on your ceiling: 

Play with stripes: While stripes on the walls can make your room appear spacious, it can instantly grab eyeballs on the ceiling as well. Vertical stripes can make the ceiling look higher. Stripes accentuate the look of the room and they look bold with bright colours. You can try different combinations such as black and white or pastel shades along with white to give your room a cool and truly snazzy effect.

Paint your ceiling: Instead of keeping your ceiling plain and white, apply a fresh coat of colourful paint to revitalise your room. You can try a darker colour on the ceiling, as it serves the same purpose as that of an accent wall. Even opting for a matte finish can look good on the ceiling. While lighter colours on the ceiling give the illusion of expanded space, darker colours lend warmth to the room.

Try prints and patterns: Try choosing from interesting prints, motifs or patterns that can accentuate the look of your room. Try motifs if you want the ceiling to stand out. You can also opt for geometrical prints, floral patterns or designs according to the type of room. If you want to add a playful twist to your space, try opting for a checkerboard pattern. Even giving a skylight effect or recreating Disney fireworks can make the room feel cozy and outstandingly beautiful. Make sure you do not go too loud or bold with prints and motifs or it might weigh down your room.

Opt for moldings: Moldings have the ability to make any space look refined. For instance, if you still prefer to keep your ceiling white, then molding can be used to make a stylish statement without being too overwhelming. If you like to keep your place low-key, then subtle moldings on your ceiling that blend in seamlessly with your interiors will look just right. 

Look for wooden or tin tiles for ceilings: In case you want to add more style to your space then tin or wooden tiles on ceilings are great options for infusing a vintage vibe. Mineral fibre tiles, tin tiles and wooden ceiling planks can all be installed over the surface of an existing ceiling. These tiles are a great solution to hide imperfections or cover a badly stained ceiling. 

By: Mikita Laad Gupta, Senior Designer, Bonito Designs

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