Do you get offended or embarrassed easily?

Do you get offended or embarrassed easily?

It was ages back when we were about twenty that we came to know what is embarrassing This age reduced to fifteen and now it is found in tenyearold

It was ages back when we were about twenty that we came to know what is embarrassing. This age reduced to fifteen and now it is found in ten-year-old kids.

What does this situation do?
An easy embarrassment is a replica of giving weight age to self-image at a very tender age. Having and valuing yourself image is good as far as you do not back it up with ego points. Every child, who is embarrassed feels that his image is spoiled due to a particular event in front of others or an authoritative tone by the parent; in turn, he wants to portray a different picture of his relationship with parents and others.

This is more so because we have made self-image very important by saying to a child at a very tender age that “Your image should be good” or “Be a good body”. Parents don’t realise that they have made children define their self-image to be a good image and most of them defy their real image. And these children struggle later as individuals to maintain the same good image. This sensitivity eventually leads to a very thin line between them and their ego drive. Parent-children relationship issues are major ones in this category.

What needs to be understood in that case?
It is a dual responsibility of parents to work on this, as one is they should not exhibit their authority towards children in front of others, it raises questions on their relationship handling skills with children; while the other is that the child gets de-motivated and might then need ego boosters to top up his image in front of others; which is not a good sign of development.

What can be the reason of a matured individual getting embarrassed?
When you get embarrassed easily, you are giving away your peace to others to handle. The person who is embarrassed will not be comfortable and peaceful till he or she is out of that situation. Such instances, if regularly happen, would only tend to add to the irritation. Such irritations where you can’t speak out much can bring a lot of uneasiness to a person and speak a lot about the internal state of mind of that person.

What happens when you are in the state of peace?
When you are at peace that means you accept yourself as you are. You do not need anyone else to assure you that you are good enough. When you are in such a state, you would allow others also to be what they are; which means you would give space to others to give their opinion about you and will be at peace even with that.

How can you work on gaining the state of peace and your self-esteem?
Work on your self-image by accepting your own self without a need to show a superficial image. Work on being proud of what God has made you as your image is not based on what others say about you or deal with you.

Finding fault with what you are is disrespecting GOD and his perfect creation. Try to find that trait and be assured that you are the unit of a big puzzle called world because-

“YOU are born to be YOU and YOU have been created as God's best creation personally by him.”

Shachi Maheshwari - The writer is a motivational and transformation trainer, life coach and author.

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