Stay fit on the go
Stay fit on the go

Fitness is about following a healthy lifestyle but by no means avoiding travel or social gatherings, neither does it mean sticking to a healthy lifestyle only when you are at home. Travelling to new places, meeting new people and enjoying social gatherings, that’s our lifestyle.

Presence of mind: Yes, it all comes down to smart analysis and calculations. That's why it is important to learn how to track calories by accurately measuring the food using a kitchen weighing scale especially in the beginning when you have just started following a structured diet so that when you are out somewhere you should still be able to approximate the quantities of food items for which the macros can be easily tracked.

Stick to healthy choices: Having burgers and pizzas when you are out and trying to fit them into your diet is the last thing you want to do as 'All calories are not the same'. There is always a way to stick to clean eating. 

Carrying quick foods: Snacks like nuts, whey protein, protein bars, masala oats, muesli, etc can make things easier. 
Basic knowledge of nutrition: Start reading the label values on the packed products, search the internet for nutritional profile of various food items. As you keep getting better at this you'll find ‘n’ number of options around you that you can fit in your diet.

Going out on social gatherings and parties doesn’t really mean drinking and eating around almost everything you see. Try to be more socially active, interacting/engaging with different people or rocking the dance floor sometimes rather than sitting at one place munching throughout will help.  

Smart trick: Be full before going out to a party, stick to some roasted stuff along with a lemonade or something, approximate quantities to fit in your diet, avoid sweets and curries.

Workouts: Gym freaks would anyhow find a gym nearby even on a vacation but in case you don't have access to a gym, carrying a resistance band can help you manage your workouts anywhere. These come in different categories on the basis of the amount of resistance they provide: light, medium, heavy, super heavy distinguished by a unique colour. Try to be active throughout the day, any kind of physical activity helps you burn more calories. 

- Abhijit Singh, Nutrition and Fitness Consultant at SQUATS.

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