Thank your digestive system

Thank your digestive system

Our digestive system is such an integral part of our life and probably the most abused one as well We honestly take our digestive system for granted,...

Our digestive system is such an integral part of our life and probably the most abused one as well. We honestly take our digestive system for granted, always confident that it will do its job as we over-indulge.

It screams for attention in the form of a stomach ache, acidity, diarrhoea, constipation, bloating, gas and more. We then pop in some medicine and start the cycle all over again, until it gets real serious.

A healthy, efficient digestive tract is really something that will go a long way to ensure our well-being.

Read on for some tips to help the digestive system do its job more efficiently….

Eat a high fibre diet
A high fibre diet helps to keep food moving through your digestive tract. It is also food for bacteria in your gut. Indulge in fruits, salads and whole foods as the fibre brooms and cleanses within.

Green smoothies
Leafy greens add enzymes to our body and boost digestion. Ensure you have your big glass every day!

Stop the unhealthy fats
Meat and dairy products are full of fats that tend to slow down the digestion process. They also lack fibre to do the clean-up act. Good fats in the form of nuts, seeds, avocados can be had in moderation.

Incorporate natural probiotics
Fermented foods in your diet will ensure good gut bacteria. Plant based curd (yogurt), pickled vegetables like kanji, sauerkraut or kimchee are ideal examples of fermented foods. Commercial probiotics should not be taken except after a dose of antibiotics.

Stay hydrated
Water, as well as fruits and vegetables with their high water content are essential for digestive health.
Say NO to processed foods
There is no place for chemicals in your digestive system. They are absolutely not welcome. This includes oil too as it is a processed food.

One grain at a time
Mixing grains add stress to your digestive system. Stick to having either whole rice or bread, not both together. Opt for millets, they cause less stress to the system. Also soaking grains releases phytic acid, making it more digestion friendly.

Regular exercise
Aerobics are the best form of workouts to keep your digestive tract in shape.

Avoid acidic foods
Animal products, tea, coffee, alcohol, sugar and colas are acidic and hamper the digestive system.

Stress less
Yes, anxiety, fear, and stress all put your digestive system on an over-drive.

Eat when hungry
Learn to listen to your body. Eat when hungry and drink when thirsty.
Fast: Give a break to your digestive system…it deserves it.

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