Transcending the planetary influence

Transcending the planetary influence

Everything every atom, every planet, every stone, everybody is reverberating in a certain way Each reverberation is unique in its own way that is...

Everything – every atom, every planet, every stone, everybody is reverberating in a certain way. Each reverberation is unique in its own way – that is why it is what it is. When we talk about planets having an influence over your life, planets are inanimate things, aren’t they? Mud and rock. Should inanimate things decide the course of human nature or should human nature decide the destiny of inanimate things? Human nature should decide, isn’t it? But right now, people are allowing inanimate things to decide their course of life, their destiny. It is a very poor way of living.

For example, people who have certain types of mental imbalances, their imbalance gets exaggerated on full moon and new moon days. Things are happening in your body too because of a certain position of this object which is so big, yet you don’t go crazy. It all depends how well established you are. If you are very well established, let any planet go anywhere, you will go where you want to go. If you are not so well established, everything can push and pull you and make your life happen in so many different ways.

When people say, ‘I am going to walk a spiritual path,’ what they are saying in one way is ‘I am taking the course of my destiny into my hands. It does not matter who my father was, what my genes say or what the world says, I am going to towards my liberation.’ He is stabilising himself in such a way that outside influences will not determine the course of his life. He will determine the course of his life, and that is how life should be. Is there any truth to astrology at all? There is, I am not saying no. But it is not a deciding factor, you can all always change it; it is just an indication.

If you look at a mango tree, if you know mango trees sufficiently, just by looking at the tree, the terrain, the atmosphere and how things are, you can make a prediction, ‘This tree may bear these many mangoes in a year’s time.’ Just like that, if a person is a keen observer of various aspects of the human being – not just the physical, of everything that is happening with a human being – if that person looks at you, he can say where you will go in your life. But this is not a determined, final notice on you. You can always change it. But if you live unconsciously, you will go exactly where he says you will go. If you become conscious, then he cannot say where you will go.

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